Dr Slappy Vs The Nazi Sock Puppets

How desperate for validation are Holocaust Denying Nazi Apologists? Desperate enough to lurk around here for a week, apparently. Of course, the offer was specifically  extended to Jezekiah, not his sock puppets, but the sock puppet is talking like the offer was made to him, so there you go. Clearly I have no idea what I’m talking about when I assert that ‘Jezekiah’ and ‘Brian Radford’ are the same person, but that doesn’t really matter in the bigger scheme of things as the mentality of these two personas is precisely the same.

In any case, when I stage these ‘dialogues’, a single actor will play this character who simply keeps changing silly disguises as he lamely tries to transform himself into a multitude. I used the same sight gag with the ‘Selwyn Duke Dialogues’ and it was hilarious. ‘Dr Slappy VS the Nazi Sock Puppets’ has a certain ring to it, I guess.

However, when dealing with fascist maniacs I find it is best to stick to the rules of engagement. I was very clear about my conditions:
I have five questions about the Holocaust that I would love to hear you explain to my satisfaction. I would be incredibly interested to read your responses to them; I promise I would take them seriously and consider their nuance and subtlety. I can assure you of this. I will judge what I will do next after I read them. This is a for real offer. All you have to do is reply as Jezekiah to this and say ‘ok’. Then I’ll post five questions for you. 

Gee. It seems I never offered to ask ‘Brian’ anything. Isn’t it funny how fascists demand everyone strictly follow the arbitrary rules they impose but are quick to excuse themselves from any requirement they don’t like? That’s probably why nobody talks to them at parties.

23 Responses to “Dr Slappy Vs The Nazi Sock Puppets”

  1. Brian Radford Says:

    Please Winston, hear me out…. I was treating an elderly man today who stated he lost his entire family in the Holocaust. Yes, he is Jewish, but that is not the point. He stated he was born and grew up in far eastern Poland. He related the story of being rounded up by the Germans and of being placed in a ghetto, and then being transferred to Buchenwald. He affirmed to me that there were gas chambers there at Buchenwald and millions died there.
    My question to you is this: Has it not been accepted by followers of the official narrative and revisionists alike that there was no functioning gas chambers at Buchenwald? That Buchenwald was not an extermination camp, but was a labour camp. True, thousands died there from illness, murder and execution, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buchenwald
    Why would this lovely man tell me that he saw men, women and children go to their deaths in gas chambers at Buchenwald? And why did I feel as if I could not challenge him on this fact?
    Winston, I am not trying to stir up hostilities. I honestly wish to know the truth about what is perhaps the defining moment in 20th century world history.

  2. Risperdal? Clozaril? Abilify? Seroquel? Haldol?
    Winston, I wonder which one of these is the one so very obviously not being taken? Truly sad.

  3. Lily,
    Unfortunately, Dr Slappy is not qualified to write prescriptions for random maniacs who post comments at this blog. However, it should be clear by now to even the most ‘casual observer’ why I am being so stringent about the rules of engagement with this particular troll. This swastika-wearing larvae is desperate to lure me into the chamber of Hell it inhabits where it plans to eternally lecture me about the details of its delusions. I have offered it a chance to creep from its cell into the daylight but doubt that it will do anything but continue to hiss and click in spastic frustration. If it were truly interested in honest discussion it would meet my simple conditions. Instead it keeps promising to go away… and then doesn’t.

    It’s very boring, really. You’d think Nazis would at least be interesting.

  4. Brian Radford Says:

    I fail to see why you treat me in this manner. I am trying to engage in an educated, adult debate, yet you again resort to name calling. This is testimony from someone who claims to have been there, but it is fraught with lies. If you do not wish to debate, or cannot face anymore truths, I will simply leave. For the record, I am a specialist doctor, late 30’s, living in Australia, married with two children. I am not Jezekiah. I am not a Nazi sympathiser. I do not have anti-Semitic feelings. I simply feel that the Holocaust has been blown out of all proportion. That is not a Nazi or anti-Semitic position. I believe there was a program to relocate Jews out of Germany. I believe there was systematic intimidation and persecution of the Jewish people. I do not believe there were properly functioning gas chambers operating anywhere in the Reich. People died from typhus and malnutrition and murder. Six million did not die from gas chambers. Grow up you simple little bearded boy. You have been brainwashed Groucho. You are really quite pathetic with your game playing. You’re mostly entertaining though, I will give you that. But as long as you have your little blog and sheeple followers, I’m sure you’ll be happy: drug induced or not.

    I also just pooped in my pants.

    Oh my God, why did I just type that? Oh, I know. I made a comment about one of the other Guests in the Teahouse. I have to remember that I can say whatever I like about Delgado but if I so much as try to make eye contact with the ladies my posts here will all turn into confessions of how I pay she-males to smear butter on my ass or whatever the hell sick Nazi shit gets me off. I don’t even want to think about it, to be honest. I repulse myself.

    Anyway. Yeah, I’m gonna stop making comments here any day now. And I’m a doctor. Did I mention I’m a doctor? And I could have sworn Delgado whined about people doing this sort of thing to him at their blogs…

  5. […] I’ve got a live one here… The more you squirm, the more interested I get. […]

  6. Brian Radford Says:

    OMG, you are a weird man. *All I said was creepy things to other people because I am a degenerate freak. Oops. There I go again.* Misrepresenting my statement because you now fear the truth, hey Winston, old boy?
    Its funny how those who control the media control the perception of everything. Like your little blog here. You had a go at me as you cannot argue your case, so you went and altered my blogpost as you dont have an answer. You silly little Groucho bearded man. *I am not allowed to even speak the name of your friends because I am a creepy stalker with fixations on death and murder*. This is so funny cos its true. Its amazing how you dont answer me. Truely, unbelievably, sheeply amazing. Baaaaaaa…. Ciao, for now. I’ll see how many other lying survivors I can meet and fill you in on their ‘stories.’

  7. Brian Radford Says:

    Oh, by the way, its 6:22pm thursday evening here, eastern daylight saving time…. hehehehe

  8. Grasshopper;
    Go ahead and rant and rave about me or the Holocaust or Jews or whatever, but if you even the mention the names of any the Guests here I will edit your posts to my liking. You are not a Guest. You are an Exhibit. You are not accorded hospitality. When you decide to abide by the rules of engagement I will ask the questions you so desperately want me to pose to you. However, if you mention Lily again I will continue altering your posts and I will be far more cruel and thorough than I have here. It is your choice.
    Winston Delgado

  9. Grasshopper-
    One other thing-we had Daylight Savings Time here last weekend, so the time stamps are an hour off-when you said it was ‘6:22 pm here’ it was actually 5:22 pm in Melbourne.

    You are a very troubled soul. I do have pity for you. You should seek help. I have none to offer you, however.

  10. oh wow…look at him go! Now his patient (oh god forbid this “Dr” treat anyone I know) is a “lying” survivor and not a “lovely old man”.

    Can we have freak show races? $5 on the Aussie!

  11. L-
    It would be a hilarious spectacle if he weren’t so dangerous. He keeps calling us ‘sheeple’ while trying to ingratiate himself into our midst, thereby invoking the cliche’ of wolves dressing like sheep without any help from me.
    He says that he’s a parent. Could you imagine a creature like this as your father?
    Of all his delusions, that’s the one I hope isn’t real.

  12. Actually, I feel sorry for him. I have met people like him before and they alienate others in their quest for attention and destruction. You are right…dangerous. Eventually, their rantings become boring or too painful to be around and you just turn a deaf ear. *sigh*

    Blue skies today here…did I tell you I have huge granite boulders covered in moss and a new mountain stream in my back yard? Life is good. Enjoy your day.

  13. Awesome. Mountains are cool.
    Gotta run. Life is good, baby.

  14. While working with psychiatric patients I’ve learned that the mere mention of antipsychotic medications brings out a vehement, ugly response in those that need them most. Psychotic delusions are not always pretty, making it difficult at times to separate the symptom from the person… but that is the heart of where true compassion lies.

    Winston you are so ‘right on’ in suggesting that he is troubled and in need of help. I hope he finds peace as we both know some folks suffering from mental illness lead tortured lives within their own minds. You are also correct that he is potentially dangerous.

  15. Lara – I hope to see pictures in another forum that’s more private. Your home & surroundings truly sounds lovely!

  16. Brian Radford Says:

    ummm, no mate. it was 6:22pm. i live in this bloody town you twit. wake up for f***’s sake.

  17. Brian Radford Says:

    Perhaps instead of all of you calling me names and misdiagnosing me, why not engage in adult debate about this important topic. its now 12:37pm friday 13th march 2009…. My children are normal, intelligent and well adjusted. My patients are very well looked after. I have a very successful private practice and donate a lot of time to charitable causes. If you have any semblance of decency, you will allow me a platform to converse with you in a calm, rational manner. If you do not fear your views, knowing them to be correct, then what is to lose?

  18. The Prof Says:


    Just thought I’d let you know, that painting of Aurora and myself got a nice compliment from one of the integrated visual arts people–I keep it as my desktop image.

    Ahhhhhhh…almost spring break.

  19. Brian Radford Says:

    OK…. so you fear the truth being exposed. ’nuff said. I guess my exaggerating, lying patient was the trump card, hey?! Pity….
    Have a wonderful day. I sharn’t trouble you any further. ***Every time I promise to not return and then comment again is a measure of my fragile mental state. Every time I speak the name of one of the women here I betray my neurotic impotence***.

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  21. […] You really, really need to read this. It’s from about five years ago. Even the terrifically dense ignorance field you have surrounded yourself with should be penetrable to this; think of it as depleted uranium ammunition. Hopefully it will reach you. […]

  22. Christiansagainsthate Says:

    i cant help but notice this furious budda as he calls himself just feeds off creating lie’s and making things up to conform to his communist and down right dangerous ways of thinking, people like this you just cant reason with because they have not a shred of rationality, he does and says what he does to not feel so bad about his own life, look through his other blogs and it wont take long to learn this, just ignore him and he will fade with great rage that your not giving him the attention he desperately begs for, simply ignore him and then you win.

  23. Christiansagainsthate Says:

    no matter how much you make furious budda look bad he just creates new screen names to give the illusion people are actualy defending him or actualy agree with him when its really just him hiding behind a new user name, believe me just ignore him and you’ll hurt him more then any word spoken. He’s simply a bully and nothing more, dont feed the troll.

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