News of the Daze

Regular visitors of the Teahouse should by now know that we are definitely not in a ‘post-racist’ world and that in fact the election of Barack Obama has emboldened the racists to really take a stand for what they believe in; if you disagree, read this.

Writers and the people who love them, read this.

Minnesota, what is up with the crazy people you elect?

Daft Punk is doing the soundtrack for ‘TR2N’. I don’t know yet if that’s a good thing.

For Pete’s Sake, I hope he’s okay.

Hooray for Blasphemy Day.

Isn’t there something more important they could be doing?

Thank a Republican today!

It is absolutely gorgeous in Chicago today. Sunny and pushing 60.

3 Responses to “News of the Daze”

  1. The Prof Says:

    The writing thing:

    It’s a complex compulsion, really. I supplement my income through writing, as opposed to generating all of it, and I teach the craft to others (some of whom are immensely talented). I wish, at times, that I wasn’t compelled to do it. But it’s necessary to exorcise all the little demons flitting about my poor tender head. Short stories are more instant gratification, of course; the novel (well, the one that I’ve written and that is forthcoming) is a long laborious process. All are full of drafting and redrafting.

    Personally, I despise the initial composition phase of most fiction, whether it’s novel-length stuff or short stories. That’s the tough part. What I really, really get into is what comes after–reshaping, editing, polishing it to its utmost effectiveness. I love the way it makes the brain work.

    And on a positive note: it’s made me patient. Because, if you really want to get it out there in a nice, nifty form that the world will see, you have to work at it, and wait, and wait some more. (But when it comes…oooh boy.)

    Bless all…

  2. Prof,

    i wish I had the opportunity, talent and the guts that you have. Perhaps when my career gets going, I can return to writing a bit more, but I can never have the success that you have, simply because i am not willing to work like you do! My hat is off to you!

  3. Aw, shucks, both of y’all are awesome.

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