This Machine Kills Fascists

I just took my old site down. Like, just thirty seconds ago.  I’ve been meaning to get around to it for a while anyway; I haven’t updated a thing there in well over a year and it was already maxed out for memory. I’ve been thinking I should sort it out for archival material. It only took a few minutes. I first posted there over ten years ago but there is no regret in it’s passing. I  feel liberated. It was an unpleasant chore hanging in the back of my mind.  

It was an impulsive act upon reading what is by far the creepiest comment I have ever recieved. I want to be clear that this was not an act born of fear, but revulsion and disgust at having come into contact with something so unclean as to be evil. Kenny, you certainly were right about what happens when you lie down with pigs (even though I don’t see what’s wrong with me calling it an insect if you can call them pigs). I felt so filthy that the only thing that would make me feel clean was to destroy what pleased his eye. Once I started scrubbing, it felt good and I just kept going.   

Of course, it is not quite the same as burning a painting he complemented as I have everything there archived. But I spent a long time designing the look and feel as well as the content and as I swiped all those old files away I grinned madly at the swirling Yin and Yang of being the Furious Buddha in deed more than any words could possibly impart; to be able to say ‘that is how much I reject your compliment to say nothing of your doctrines, you Nazi propagandist’ in a very dramatically symbolic fashion gives me more satisfaction than I can possibly tell.

9 Responses to “This Machine Kills Fascists”

  1. The Prof Says:


    I admit I’ll miss Artcrime a little, from the painting of myself and Aurora at our wedding (I’ve stolen the image for my wallpaper, if that’s okay with you) to your lovely benediction (I mean, really, how many wedding benedictions invoke astrophysics), to the photo gallery that makes me wistful.

    Then again, I also rather miss your e-mail listserv diatribes from years before that, as the Prince of Darkness with his monkey sidekick Pumpernickel.

    But this is good too.

    As for Jezekiah….you probably did the right thing there. Jezekiah is a very small, lost person who has, in all likelihood, decided to blame some nebulous conspiracy for all the bad things in his/her life. I do not blame you for wanting to eliminate that which he/she finds aesthetically pleasing. Jezekiah is clearly mentally ill, diagnosed or otherwise.

    Some people, sadly, are just not worth engaging–you can’t convince them, or enlighten them, or even for a moment make them question the extreme terms in which they view the world.

    Best to move on without them.

  2. Brian Radford Says:

    Well, I best be off then. I shall take my Aussie ass back to whichever time zone you had me in, you bloody moron. A bit disappointed you wouldn’t or couldn’t chat. Totally strengthening my view that purveyors of the official narrative are brainwashed, small minded sheeple. I did enjoy our chat: not so much the pic of you as Groucho. A tad scary, really. look at the objective evidence. Think for yourself o’bearded one. Skin lamp shades, human soap, gas chambers in Germany….hehehehehehe…..I’m really saddened by how simple you are.

  3. I will miss all the poetry. 🙂

  4. Lara & the Prof (and guests of the Teahouse)-
    All the poetry and amusing stuff will return in some other form, but thank you for the kind words in any case.

    Regarding the insect infestation:
    Please do not drop any crumbs as that will only encourage it to stick around. The lights are all turned on so that you may now see the creature in full view; our more sensitive guest may wish to avert their eyes.


  5. I’m going to miss it too. 😥 there was a really important time of my life all wound up in there.

  6. D-
    It’s all still there. But yeah, that was definitely one of the things that snagged at me while I was wiping it away. Still, I’m now looking forward to slogging through all that old material for reposting, and perhaps folks might enjoy revisiting some of those old posts in a new format. In any case, I will be wandering amongst all those memories again real soon.

    And yeah, that was a real important time for me, too. Walking in the glow of your majestic presence is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It’s why I am who I am today.

  7. *sniff!* oh lord, it’s just like the end of benjamin button, except of course, it isn’t. 🙂

  8. Just for you, I promise to get another installment of my Star Wars sequel up this weekend.
    *big wet kiss*

  9. […] but it could not comply and instead engaged in a creepy display of sock puppetry.  While the smartest thing to do might be to completely ignore the insect, its casual slander of the unquiet dead in my […]

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