The Paragraph of Lara’s Epiphany

Long day at work. The slappies were feeling slappy which has left me feeling slaphappy. Julia went out with friends, Sam is dropping by. People are up, people are down, and still the world turns around. But I had a really unique moment today.

I found myself browsing through Dr Zhivago this morning and obviously I thought of my own Lara; but it was what my eyes stumbled upon that left me staggered. It was the  paragraph of Lara’s epiphany, where she realizes her purpose on Earth, how she had to know things by their names and come into fullness of understanding of Nature and All That, and I felt I was looking out through your eyes. I was overcome with an overpowering urge to shout it to you.  

I just found it here. Let me type it in. I like to type the words of great writers, I like to get the feel for the rhythym in my hands. Here’s Boris at his best:

“Lara walked along the tracks following a path worn by pilgrims and then turned into the fields. Here she stopped and, closing her eyes, took a deep breath of the flower-scented air of the broad expanse around her. It was clearer to her than her kin, better than a lover, wiser than a book. For a moment she rediscovered the purpose of her life. She was here on Earth to grasp the meaning of its wild enchantment, to call each thing by it’s right name, or, if this were not in her power, to give birth out of love for life successors who would do it in her place.’

And then I was back in the stream of my day. It was a moment of breathing something newly familiar, when I moved my hand and discovered a masterpiece in it that had been waiting a century for me to find it at that particular moment, to understand everything larger than myself. Even the name of what it was, ‘The Paragraph of Lara’s Epiphany’, rings like a Mozart melody in my mind, it is a lyric for a song, a title of a painting, a secret inside smile. This is the synchronicity of the muse; how you trigger me to spark, how the thing of us is a glorious inexplicable new thing without name.

How did the weekend endeavor go?

2 Responses to “The Paragraph of Lara’s Epiphany”

  1. I now own a home in the country – surrounded by 100s of flowers that were planted by the family before me. I moved in last night with an air mattress and some books. I found a basket she had left for me containing – a tag from every flower she had ever planted over the 20 years, a bottle of Vermont ice wine, and a note that told me to look out my kitchen window for the snow drops that would push up out of the snow and remind me that Spring will come soon.

    And funny that you should post that paragraph – I will be surrounded by wildflowers in my large wood…I look to my left and see tall trees, my right and see the mountains.

    As long as Jason from Friday the 13th does not get me, I think I will love this pastoral life.

    Thank you for the epiphany of my namesake.


  2. Outstanding. Congratulations. I can’t wait to see pictures.

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