Doctor Slappy’s Slaptorium For The Incurably Stupid

I have a friend at work. Like all jobs, we have are own argot and appropriate nicknames for ourselves and things. We refer to some of our more difficult clients as ‘slappies’. She is ‘Professor Slappy’ and I am ‘Doctor Slappy’. We are developing a revolutionary new therapy that could eliminate ignorance and stupidity across the globe: ‘The Slappy Method’. It involves the healing power of a well-timed slap and a zippy punchline. We have a whole routine on it that we do that gets more elaborate over time.

That is all. Good night.

5 Responses to “Doctor Slappy’s Slaptorium For The Incurably Stupid”

  1. jezekiah Says:

    Our exchange got my blog on the WP top blogs for the day, yet again:

    I have you to thank for it. It seems many people are people are more interested in reasoned discussion of this topic than they are in namecalling and paranoid accusations of ‘sock puppets’.


  2. “reasoned discussion” requires reason… not merely the absence of sock puppets mr. jezekiah.

  3. well I have to admit WD’s discourse is incredibly interesting and intelligent….maybe you should thank him and send him flowers?

  4. Ladies-
    Please don’t encourage elderly Nazi apologists to send me flowers. Also, don’t worry about his gloating-when you talk shit, it makes eating your words that much more unpleasant later.

  5. So I checked out the post bugboy is so proud of. I will share the comment I made here as I’m certain he won’t allow it on his site:

    After reading this thread, I need a bath.
    However, after much consideration, I stand by my characterization of you as an insect; only a dung beetle could be so proud of a ball of shit this huge. You may demand my respect as much as you like but you have done nothing to earn it.
    Winston Delgado

    Go ahead and ‘moderate’ this comment, bugboy. The last word will be mine in any case.

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