Is someone looking for a rematch?

Dear person who keeps searching for ‘Winston Delgado/Selwyn Duke’ over and over and over: What you are looking for is here. And brother, I am more than happy to leave it alone if you will. On the other hand, I would love an excuse to start cartooning again. Your call.

6 Responses to “Is someone looking for a rematch?”

  1. That was me. I discovered Mr. Duke for the first time a couple of days ago when I chanced upon an article he recently posted which made it apparent that this was not your run-of-the-mill wingnut freak. A bit of obsessive googling brought up your archived message board exchanges which I found wildly entertaining and kept going back to in the midst of writing my own post about the man. As it stands I didn’t touch on your exchanges in my post but you might enjoy it anway:


  2. Ummmmm…

    If this is the actor James Urbaniak…wow. Big fan (particularly of your voiceover work on “Venture Bros.”)

    Lovely article on Sir Selwyn, by-the-by. What a very strange little man he is.

  3. ‘Tis I. Thanks for being a fan of Venture Brothers. Season Four in production now!

  4. James-
    I am a hardcore Venture Brothers fan-the two part episode with Bowie, Iggy Pop and Klaus Nomi (‘Showdown at Cremation Creek’) is one of my favorite things ever. It’s definitely the smartest, funniest, and best-produced show on CN (I’m also an appreciative fan of your portrayal of R Crumb in ‘American Splendor’). I am tickled indigo that you are commenting here, and especially since it is in reference to that nutbag Selwyn Duke. I can appreciate your fascination with him as I found him to be sincere in a way that is rare amongst right wing nutbags. He is as authentic a hypocrite as one can find; as an actor and comedian you surely will appreciate him as an object of study. I did a few staged readings of my dialogs with Selwyn and found that audiences loved him; if you ever find yourself bored in Chicago I would love to hear your splendid pipes bring him to life. Thank you so much for your comments. On a normal day, they would surely have been the highlight of happenings in the Teahouse, but I’m afraid that today the Prof got me even more excited by letting drop that he and his lovely wife are planning on having a baby.


  5. Winston,

    “Planning” is the operative word here–no one is, as yet, pregnant in the Prof household. Shooting for it this fall, in time to quit smoking and get somewhat financially ensconsed. Also shooting for a summer birth, as the Prof, being an actual prof, is off–this, kiddies, is why I teach prose and leave poetry to braver souls.

    Wow–James Urbaniak posted on your site. Loved him as Crumb as well (didn’t actually realize it was him until I watched the DVD). That is awesome.

  6. Oh, but of course, sir. I just think that the two of you would make extraordinary parents. We need more of those. Your spirits are wholesome, your minds are bright, your hearts are full of love. These are the qualities we need to be fruitful in our species. It was a spark of lovely news to see this morning, in any case, and has every blessing I can bestow.

    Today the creatures were grueling and the day felt extra long. When I checked in here after I dismissed my last charges my day was made. I love it when the TV people talk back to me…


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