It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel splendid

Today was a very long day but our team feels good about our achievements. You may have noticed a theme to the titles of the past several posts-I’ve had REM songs running through my head since Thursday night. Maybe it’s the prarie or something. I don’t know. It’s been a mood. Kenny was concerned about my wistfulness. I told him not to worry. I am feeling delightful. It actually felt really good to think about and write about Becky, and finding her and seeing that she’s doing well made feel even better.

I have to be up early to drive the crew back to Chicago tomorrow morning, so I’m off to bed. My unlimited love to y’all.

5 Responses to “It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel splendid”

  1. isn’t that lovely, the internet can be such a joy.

    (after all, thats how we met… 🙂 )

    very glad you are feeling chipper! I am still watching ER, am wistful for Chicago and metamophosising into Elizabeth Corday.

    much love. x x

  2. How we met is an Oscar-winning movie based on a Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel…

    I am feeling splendid. Tired but splendid. It’s still cold as hell and there’s snow on the ground but I think spring has sprung in my soul. I owe you such a very long newsy email but I have been really pressed for time on the ‘puter. Soon, my darling, soon.

    Chicago misses you very much and assures you that it is always here for you.

  3. Winston,

    Such exultant pain you have. More inspiring is that you embrace and treasure it and make it a part of you.

    I’m glad you found her happy and well. I myself had a similar situation, something between a romance and a very intimate friendship with a born-again Christian girl at my alma mater. I kissed her on the night before she left for the West, and she cried, and the next morning left a long note on my door without saying goodbye face to face.

    I heard from her a few months later–she said she’d been compelled by God to marry a man with, as she put it, issues (as in, he’d been staying at her apartment for a week and they hadn’t even kissed and she just knew he’d be able to work through it).

    About a month lafter that I met Aurora for the first time. It’s now almost ten years later, and she’s in our living room grading papers with our cats all around her. We’re planning on having a b… well, you know…this fall.

    Life is so very strange, isn’t it?

  4. Life is strange and wonderful and beautiful sometimes. I’m beaming for all three of you in different places, from a desert many miles away!

  5. And DR FRAKKING VENTURE is beaming with us!!!! How strange and wonderful and beautiful is that?

    Of course, as you have no appreciation for the High Art of Animation, it is utterly lost on you. It’s like showing a card trick to a pony. *sigh*

    What an odd day.

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