Life’s Rich Pageant

People who hate America.

Waking up to Benny Hinn and another grownup having a serious conversation about how Jesus is going to fly around shooting rays out of His eyes at the unworthy any minute now is pretty surreal. I think Benny Hill should be taken more seriously than this clown, but then, what do I know? I’m flipping through the channels here in the hotel and now I remember why I don’t have television. Well, that’s not true. I have a television. It’s twenty one years old and I have Julia’s PS3 hooked up to it right now. I don’t have cable. I still watch tv shows, but I use Hulu and whatnot. The rays of stupidity that are pouring out of this box are staggering. On the other hand, TV Land is showing the Billy Dee Williams episode of ‘The Jeffersons’. He just kissed Florence. Awesome.

Off to breakfast, then work.

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