Don’t Go Back To Rockville

I’m in a hotel room in Belleville. Teh internets are barely working here, but the suite is nice enough.  The drive across the state evoked powerful memories that compounded themselves in my head. However, the most surreal part of my day came at the very end, after check in, after I scattered the contents of my bag across the sofa, after I took off my shoes I did what most people do; I turned on the TV. MTV 2 was on. And I was on it. 

I am not a famous actor or even technically an actor in the sense that I am not actively seeking work or have had a gig in a very long time. Mostly I’ve done live theater but I’ve done odd small jobs here and there in films and television. One of them was playing a dean of students in an episode of ‘High School Stories’. It was a last minute favor to a friend, and I wasn’t paid and probably didn’t even get a screen credit. If I hadn’t been so creeped out by watching myself I might have stuck around to find out. 

I’m a few miles from Kenny’s old high school; I took a drunken stroll there the night before he got married for the first time twenty or so years ago. I glimpsed the hotel where Lara and I got into a terrific fight over a shirt; it was a high school field trip and our poor darling English teacher had to break us up before hotel security did. I drove a few feet past where Shosh took her last breath near Joliet.

I can see the Arch across the river from here. In some ways, it is even more surreal an object when viewed from a distance. It’s very late. I’m going to bed. I hope this publishes.

2 Responses to “Don’t Go Back To Rockville”

  1. GAAHH!!!

    I must say. I have driven from here to there more times than I can count and for SO many different reasons. Births, deaths, near deaths, surgeries, weddings, family. it is such an evocative drive. I’m sure that part of it is geography.

    If you have time, you should stop by my folks’. They’d love to see you. Be well my brother.


  2. Heh. I saw you called, dude. I’m trying to avoid roaming charges while I’m down here. Send an email…

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