Wednesday Lostmas Surprise

Damn. I’m having a real problem publishing posts today. Of course, that I’m trying to do it from work might be part of the problem. Annoying I wanted to do a live thread throughout the day, but in trying to add to an earlier version of this post it inadvertently erased everything. Aggravating.

This morning when I was putting on my boots I gazed at the portrait of Kali entwined in purple tentacles that Dahlia gave to me as a housewarming present. The date on it is 2007 and that seems like a long time ago. Looking upon something created by her hand made me feel very connected to her in the dark rainy morning.

The drive to work was a slog through fog. The radio blared with story after story of our economy grinding to a halt. In the now-lost version of this post there were a series of links but I’m not going to bother now. Anyone reading this today knows what I’m talking about; these stories all have the tone of the shriek of rusting metal grinding on itself as a huge machine stops.

It’s funny, the most interesting parts of my day are things I never blog about, although I admit I am sometimes tempted to. I think I was flipping through Walden when Throreau told me that the best writers don’t need grand subjects or high drama to make their writing compelling, that in the hands of a master the most innocuous events are riveting, whereas Billy S told us all eloquently what sound and fury signifies. This notion and the repulsion I have at the idea of exploiting the people around me for grist keeps me from writing about them.

Still, the people I spend my day with are quite interesting. I have been an intimate to inmates at many institutions in my life, but these characters here are some of my favorites.

And that is all the time I have for that.

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