President Days in the Valentine Life

So, wordpress logged me out to do some maintenence, and when I had to log back in I saw a Holocaust-denying post by someone who calls themself ‘jezekiah’ featured as one of their ‘hot community posts’. Basically, it reads like an essay by an pseudointellectual dumbass who thinks he’s a radical intellectual because he did some searches on teh internets and discovered that the Zionists were lying about the Holocaust to promote Their Agenda.


It’s not that I go looking for this garbage. I wanted to write a letter to All the Girls I’ve Loved Before, or maybe some poetry; just more of that Private Art thing I do for my small but beloved audience of  readers.

Sorry. Just took a break away from the laptop. I’ve been cleaning. Did the kitchen top to bottom. Reorganized it, moved the microwave. Hung a knife rack. Fixed a drawer that had been broken for three months. Did laundry. Washed every dish I own. Made lunch. Put down a carpet under the bed. Hung a couple paintings. Listened to three or four weeks of ‘This American Life’ podcasts.  

I don’t know by what formula wordpress generates its blogs of the day feature, but the racist blather is getting more popular all the time. That and blogs about Korean reality television shows. Also, that one guy who is vehemently anti-global warming. Teh internets are rorschach blots of the dark psyche of our society.   

Speaking of, this right here is why I don’t Facebook. Of course, maybe it’s some other principle or perverse flaw in myself, but the whole thing just makes me dizzy. And maybe I’m just too cool. I don’t know, I just always have had this inherent anxiety about worlds colliding. It’s the control freak in me.

Valentine’s Day was spent doing day job stuff. I wrote a little sketch for a team of actors and they did well until they encountered a judge who hated it with a purple passion; his critique was quite explicit in his contempt and his ranking eliminated them entirely. It was frustrating as he judged my work in a similar contest decades ago and had nearly the exact same opinion now as he did then, except this time he liked it less. It wasn’t his opinion per se that stung but rather the feeling that I had let down the performers.

The farther away now moves from an event the more distorted our perspective of the event becomes. Eisenhower knew this. He said  “I made the visit deliberately, in order to be in a position to give first-hand evidence of these things if ever, in the future, there develops a tendency to charge these allegations merely to ‘propaganda.” He brought civilian and military photographers and reporters to the camps for a reason. The evidence they compiled is irrefutably mountainous.

I picked up the new Scientific American at the grocery store. The cover article is about how naked singularities might actually exist. I find this hilarious as I just used the idea if naked singularities as a metaphor for the paradox of absolutes in discussion with Kenny. Typically, the universe took his side.

15 Responses to “President Days in the Valentine Life”

  1. Speaking of worlds colliding. A high school friend posted a pic of me and the previous administration from my senior year. It made my stomach hurt. I untagged myself and asked her not to put anymore up…

    Although, after a year and a half on FB, this is my first negative experience.

  2. The universe is SMART!!! 🙂


  3. Hi-

    I’m jezekiah. Ask yourself something, please:

    Why did Eisenhower, Churchill and de Gaulle fail to mention mass extermination by gas chamber in their memoirs of World War II? They weren’t reluctant to mention the rest of the atrocities that the Nazis engaged in, yet somehow the gas chambers escaped their notice.

    In the end, that’s my ultimate point. There’s no evidence for mass extermination of gas chambers though the evidence for Jews being murdered by other methods is quite abundant.

    If you wish to hang onto old war propaganda as history, knock yourself out.

  4. Dear Guests of the Teahouse;
    Yesterday, the guy who does the voice of Doctor Venture stopped by. That was awesome cool. Today, we find ourselves entertaining for study an insect wearing a swastika armband and human body. It chirps away in a convincing parody of human language; listen and you will hear it singing of charnel pits spilling over with infants in the afternoon sun. Observe how the larva mind lectures us on our ignorance; it asserts freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength as bold as you please. It thinks that this makes it superior. This particular species is very preoccupied with devising reasons justifying its sense of superiority. Based on my studies of its behavior, I have concluded that it wants to insert its eggs into as many human brains as it can so that it may reproduce and destroy the rest of us. Either it has some sort of ovipositor that shoots out of its mouth or it intends to utilize propaganda to do so. I’m still working that bit out. In the meantime, I recommend not getting too close.

    The Management

  5. “an insect”

    Nice way to speak of a fellow human being, Mr. Furious Buddha. You must be quite angry. I’ll leave you to your ad hominem and your own conditioning.


  6. “The Holocaust is not a historical event to certain Jews and Judeo-Christians. It’s a full blown religion. As with all religions, reason, civility and civilized discourse are useless when talking to True Believers.”

  7. Dear Guests of the Teahouse;
    Do you hear how it buzzes when you shake its cage? Isn’t that an uncanny mimicry of a human asserting their humanity? It doesn’t care to have the tables turned on it in such a way. Its programming isn’t capable of handling ironic inversion; see how it resorts to insisting on being taken seriously as a real person even as it displays surreal clownishness. This phenomena of irony deficiency is very entertaining when observed in individual specimens; however, when this species is in swarm mode this lack of irony causes an ethical anemia that is deadly serious.

    Interestingly, my research has indicated that hearty mocking laughter can prevent these species from swarming. As the grasshopper differs from the locust, the modern holocaust denier differs from the Nazi. So be sure to laugh really hard at this grasshopper, because if he can get enough of his friends together he will obliterate us. In the meantime, he’s just goofy. We will leave his link up as evidence of this.

    The Management

  8. “Isn’t that an uncanny mimicry of a human asserting their humanity?”

    Ah. I see now. Just as some people weren’t human to the Nazis, some people aren’t human to you.

    Odd how those who claim to know what the Holocaust is can forget its lessons so quickly.

  9. Isn’t it amusing when it stands on its hind legs and begs? You’d almost believe it was a mammal, with actual warm feelings.

    I do take a special magical thrill in getting a Holocaust denier to lecture me on the lessons of the Holocaust. Irony like that is what keeps me going some days.

  10. You, my friend, are the Holocaust Denier. You have the gall to preach about The Holocaust and would demonize and dehumanize those that you disagree with. Millions of demonized and dehumanized people died at the hands of the Nazis and the Communists and Furious Buddha would continue the cycle.

  11. […] argue with somebody about whether or not it is raining; it is not an arguable topic. Actually, based on your comments here, I won’t argue with you about anything; in your brief posts you demonstrate tremendous […]

  12. […] you admit that you don’t know, instead of attacking my ideas. As I recall, my response was to ask you a simple question: “Why did Eisenhower, Churchill and de Gaulle fail to mention mass extermination by gas […]

  13. […] see what happens next.Oh, and PS. You didn’t know I existed until you googled your pseudonym. I didn’t know you existed until wordpress decided to feature your ignorant bloviations as one …. So really, all your crying about your hurt feelings is self-serving and weird. You are a very […]

  14. He left his “ultimate point” as a slime trail on my blog too. It’s a shame WordPress doesn’t have a bullshit filter for the likes of him.

  15. Ian. Hello.
    Yes, he’s a rather disturbed fellow, isn’t he?
    How’s Hamburg? It’s snowing in Chicago. We had a rather brutal commute this morning. You know, it’s not that I think my blog deserves all sorts of attention, but I want to know why this nut get so much traffic from the wordpresses… Okay, I have to do my job now…

    -Winston wearing his Dr Slappy hat.

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