thoughts of this and that

Cheney may no longer be VP, but he is still a dick

This is the busy season for me; my days and weeks are laden and spoken for. It’s still very cold here but the meteorologists are promising warmth soon. The chill and the dark seem endless; I dream of warm sand and sunlight on my skin, of warm breezes and the smell of coconuts.

I have a new car; well, it used to be my Dads, so it’s new to me. Also, the way my Dad takes care of a car, this one is actually in better shape than if I had driven it off of the lot. The winter and the mileage just got to be too much on my 04 Saturn-also, the Saturn had a weird problem with starting in the winter that was tremendously annoying. I sometimes feel a weird guilt at my good fortune in terms of my birth. Yes, my parents were 18 year old high school students who never went to college, yes, my father was a bus driver without a college education; still, I hit the jackpot.

4 Responses to “thoughts of this and that”

  1. I agree… your parents are two of the loveliest people I have ever met on this earth.

  2. Thank you-I’ll be sure to tell mom you said hi.

  3. Parents are so cool. Mine just sent me a beautiful Calphalon Fondue Pot!

  4. Fondue. Yum…
    I’ve been really appreciating family lately. I just called my Grandma during lunch and had a nice conversation with her. Next Wednesday we’re going to go for a small memorial service at the nursing home where my Aunt Anna resided for the past several years. It’s been a rough winter for everyone but I’m especially worried about my grandmother.
    oops. gotta run

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