Be Careful; We’re Stupid.

If my readers abroad and away want to understand the politics of Chicago and our great state of Illinois, John Kass is the man to explain it to you. He will help you understand how Governor Hairbot is neither as stupid or deranged as his shenanigans might seem to indicate, although tomorrow’s round of TV interviews will be good watchin’, I’m sure.

Here’s the thing about contemporary racism; it’s not gone but the lines we choose to stand on either side of should be abundantly clear. Of course, someone can dislike the President without being a racist or vote Republican without being stupid. But then there’s everyone’s favorite narcotic-addled bitter crybaby who hates America and is rooting for us to fail; he is both racist and stupid. But that’s painfully obvious to everyone but racists and stupid people. And really, they’re pretty much the same thing; I separate them because even though all racists are stupid, there are stupid people who are not racists. I’m a nitpicker for accuracy.

UPDATE: Proof that abusing narcotics makes you addled.

The racists who think that they’re really, really smart are the especially stupid ones. This also makes them very dangerous. Being a racist doesn’t make you a ‘radical thinker’, it makes you a stupid asshole; racists who think of themselves as intelligent have a yardstick problem; they are measuring themselves against the stupid people who listen to them. If you are a person who fits this description I have to inform you that this simply isn’t a fair comparison as you are able to actually read this sentence rather than having your cousinsistermotherwife explain it to you with puppets. You see, there simply is no way to explain the concept of ‘cousinsistermotherwife’ with puppets; therefore my racist friend, you must be a reader. That’s why you’re extra stupid; you should know better.

Many of the real dyed in the wool racists I have encountered profess to be devoutly religous. Diagnosis: stupid. If you have read the Bible and profess to love Jesus but hate your neighbor there really isn’t much else it could be. A brain tumor, maybe. Perhaps you should see a doctor. At least start going for long walks or something. Clear your mind. Try some deep breathing.

By the way, I don’t mean to pick on the stupid racist Christians (or inbred hillbillies, for that matter) and single them out for particular scorn; I have met stupid racists who were Muslims, Jews and Hindus as well as several other denominations. I have not met a stupid racist Buddhists yet but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. I have met stupid racist athiests and stupid racist Libertarians. I am aware of stupid racist college professors, but I haven’t met them. I have met many stupid racist black people. I have met stupid racist Mexican, Chinese, Nigerian, Polish, Italian, and Cuban people, as well as many Irish, Korean and Russian individuals who were stupid racists. I have met stupid (& racist) people from every continent except Antarctica and I suspect that is because there are no human beings who are native to Antarctica. If there were, there would surely be some stupid racists among them.

What I am getting at is that stupidity is can be found throughout humanity without fail; it is a given variable, a random constant, an unprovable proof. If there was a contest to give humanity a motto we should have tattooed on our foreheads, my entry would read ‘Be careful; we’re stupid.’ The universe abhors certainty; certainty requires absolutes, absolutes create paradoxes, paradoxes can only be resolved by ironic doubt. Absolute certainties are naked singularities which must cloak themselves in event horizons of unknowing; think of every thing you absolutely know to be true and then feel the ideal blur and shift with the possibilities of the upside down and inside out, of the mirror and the mistake, of the what-if and coulda shoulda woulda.

The process of learning can be traumatic as new information, ideas, and perspectives often requires letting go of one cherished belief or another. Perhaps many people are incurious and ignorant because they would rather spare themselves the unpleasant sensation of realizing one has been mistaken. Personally, I cherish that feeling because it means satisfaction, solutions, and so much more; it means that which I don’t know yet is known. It means transformation, evolution and growth; a different perspective is an advantage that stupid people refuse to take.

2 Responses to “Be Careful; We’re Stupid.”

  1. Bwahahahaha!! Point very well made while I am on the floor laughing!!

  2. Thank you! As long as somebody gets it, I’m happy.

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