I think I figured something out about Lost.

This is something I thought of while chatting with the Prof . Don’t read it if you haven’t seen the first two episodes of Season 5. 

I think that the Island moved forward in time to that date (when Ben appears a few years after the Oceanic Six make it back) and that the people who still are on it (the Island) are jumping back and forth and that they need the ‘Constant’ of the Oceanic Six to reconnect them to the Island in the proper era and stop them from jumping back and forth in time.

2 Responses to “I think I figured something out about Lost.”

  1. why the six though? why not walt/michael – they went off island as well and nothing happened – or is it only becasue the six went when they did – which coincided with ben and the wheel turning? does the island want walt/michael back as well?

    i loved it though. i did. 🙂 hurley just leaps upwarsd in my esteem, dude.

  2. Isn’t Hurley just amazing? I love Hugo and his family. They are funny and real in their weirdness!
    Gotta run.

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