Best. Lostmas. Ever.

That was staggering. Two whole hours of crunchy 5th dimensional goodness.


Hurley. Sayid.
Dr Candle. Daniel Faraday.
John Locke. Richard Alpert.
Ben Linus. Klaus Nomi

4 Responses to “Best. Lostmas. Ever.”

  1. gah! I have to avoid this thread until sunday! (or sneaky download it) if only to avoid whipping myself into a pre-lostmas frenzy!

  2. I’m on a weird server that won’t let me log in properly.

    If you get a chance, do watch it. It is amazing!

  3. Winston,

    Would’ve spoken up earlier but our DSL modem broke and we had to get a new one.

    Hail High Lostmas!

    And…well, I knew something was up time-wise when Ben appeared in the desert with the same wound and outfit he had on turning the big wheel o’ time.

    I still think Locke is a god among men and Jack is a whiny little b… well, you know.

  4. Well, if you watch the Season 4 flash forwards in chronological order (on the bonus DVD) it becomes clear that everything starts breaking bad for the Oceanic Six after Ben appears in the desert. I think that the Island moved forward in time to that date and that the people who still are on it are jumping back and forth and that they need the ‘Constant’ of the Oceanic Six to reconnect them to the Island in the proper era and stop them from jumping back and forth in time.
    That is just my guess.
    Gotta sleep.

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