Can You Feel The Brand New Day?

I’m eating lunch at work. Rick Warren did fine, but whatever.The Queen of Soul just sang. Rapturous. Biden is taking the oath. The last moments of the old age are creaking and groaning in protest as they settle into oblivion.

Itzhak and Yo Yo sound great. I like the arrangement.

It’s here.

He’s nervous. How adorable.

Ring the bells.

Do you think Sarah Palin was miffed that she didn’t get to make a speech?

9 Responses to “Can You Feel The Brand New Day?”

  1. I can’t work out why you don’t all have a day off! πŸ™‚ (we don’t after an election, but it just seems as if you should all have a holiday, it’s that kind of day.) It took me an age to work out that Aretha Franklin wasn’t singing God save the queen – (same tune – quaint!)

    I liked it – i like the doves and the taking your place in the world in a concilatory manner. on first presidential impressions, it seems you got a good one. πŸ™‚

  2. Winston,

    Don’t know about you, but I’m feeling very proud and exceptionally fortunate to be an American today.

    How amazing to be alive in this time, to witness this.

  3. Dahlia-
    We actually had yesterday off to honor Dr King, which makes today just a little more special. It feels like we’ve moved forty years in five seconds.
    I actually like being here at work today. It’s kind of a ‘yes we can’ thing, you know?

    And Prof, I agree this is one of our better moments as a nation. The system only really works every seventy five years or so, but when it does the results are spectacular. Is this how FDR made people feel?


  4. Prof-
    BTW- You would feel a little less proud if you could see the search engine terms that brought our fellow Americans here to the Teahouse today. Lots of people typing the ‘n’ word into Google today…

    It’s not like racism is dead; it’s like we’ve gone from being on our knees with the hands of racism around our throat to standing up with racism sprawled stunned at our feet. It’s definitely an improvement, but it’s not quite over. We’ll see what happens after it comes to it’s senses…

  5. I believe the most glorious part, for me, was watching Bush’s helicopter fly away while about two million people sang “na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye.”


  6. Heh.

    Wow, Could you imagine describing today to yourself five years ago?

  7. Today I literally mowed over a known republican a-hole at work racing to the television to watch him take his oath. Not a dry eye in the room (except for the crazy guy channeling Elton John). NPR had an interesting take on the oath fumbling today.

  8. I was in the library at my seminary with about 30-40 people staring at a 40 inch LCD plugged into a Laptop playing CNN’s feed. The inauguration on the internet. Hmm. Rick Warren immediately angered the theologians and Pastors arrayed around me as the third word out of his mouth was “Father.” But, it was rather moving for me to be in a room of people who passionately disagree with his theology yet recited the Lord’s Prayer with him, not by rote, but with feeling I’ve not heard before from my friends and colleagues.

    Still, across the City, watching in a Conference room with a multi-religious group of government lawyers a person you know and I love was incredibly upset by the use of such a blatantly Christian Prayer.

    Then, Aretha, a bumbling chief Justice, and Bliss!


  9. I hadn’t really even watched Warren. I was eating soup and reading email while he chattered on. I’ve heard him before and like I said, whatever. He reaches a lot of people, but what does he do when he touches them? Still, I did like the passion he brought to the Lord’s Prayer.

    I love that they were upset by that. They are so fiery in all the right ways. Isn’t that so much better than fiery in all the wrong ways?

    Yep, we sure did. Wow.

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