All of this has happened before and it will all happen again

It’s about five hours until BSG airs here. We’re having a small gathering to watch in silent reverie. Here’s some of my thoughts before we begin. I think the Cylons are the contemporary incarnation of the 12 Lords of Kobol from antiquity and that the ‘One’ is the equivalent of the ‘jealous god’ that wanted to be promoted above the others and caused the original diaspora of humanity from Kobol. It will be the role of the ‘One’ to bring everyone together and heal the rift, at least that’s my guess. I think that the identity of the One is Ellen Tigh. 

I am such a nerd.

I think that the other cylons nuked Earth. At least it seems like the destruction there was fresh.

Mmmmmmm… and that’s about it for now. Three hours, forty-four minutes to Galactica…

And it’s apparently zero degrees out. We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave…

*****update***** 11:07 pm

Frak me up, frak me down, frak me inside out and all around but that was the…

Dahlia doesn’t get these right away so I will not spoil here, but look out in the comments…


7 Responses to “All of this has happened before and it will all happen again”

  1. I can’t watch BSG, I’m too emersed in doctor who! 🙂

  2. Winston…

    I, too, am a nerd, but I’d like to believe I’m a geek who makes geekdom look good: I dress well, am able to interact with other human beings, and have channeled my geekiness into something resembling a productive career.

    That being said (and in vague terms): you got it. I was dead wrong–I assumed maybe it’d be someone from the original show, or maybe Dee (poor girl) or Gaeta. Or even Zak Adama.

    But the Starbuck thing…sheesh. (No spoilers here.) Did not see that one comin’. But it even freaked the frak out of Leoben.

    Vi–I too am becoming a Dr. Who fan again. I really dig the current incarnation of the Doctor (second in my mind only to Tom Baker), and will miss him when he departs next year.

    Now onto High Lostmas.

  3. Oh my God that was so frakking bleak. That was the bleakest hour of fictional television ever. It hurt.
    Which, of course, is what it was supposed to do. By the end of the episode all of the horrible things that happened to those wonderful characters was totally justified. The magnitude of their despair was palpable. There has to be something better than an Emmy to give these actors; their performances were mesmerizing as individuals and ensemble and set a new high mark for the art as practiced in this medium.

    How bleak was it? It was so bleak that being totally dead on right about Ellen Tight was not a moment for rejoicing but just a grim confirmation of a suspicion.

    Speaking of grim, how about Starbucks discovery? I think all of them are cylons. And the cylons are all human. They’ve been taking turns for a very long time; humans make cylons that make human cylons, then they kill the humans, or the humans kill the cylons. Either way, a few escape and keep the cycle going. Or something.

    It’s so good.

    I’ve got to give Dr Who a try I suppose. If you guys like it I would love it I’m sure.
    My unlimited love to y’all

  4. Oh, and there’s a Resurrection Hub somewhere around Earth. It’s how Starbuck came back, and how (crosses fingers) Dee will come back. Because all the humans are cylons when you back far enough, and the humans are the old cylon models….
    I have to think about this some more…

  5. Winston…

    Yes, it was bleak indeed–of course, there are no more bit players to sacrifice to the drama gods now, which means no major character is safe.

    But, of course, it ain’t over yet. There was, I am certain, a reason they did the Earth episode in the middle of the season. I expect much more darkness, and maybe even a little hope, before the end.

    And I think you may be right on that human/cylon thing, too–humans are Cylons of a kind. Which would be why the Resurrection hub brought Starbuck back. As for the pristine Viper–a remnant from the last cycle?

    And Dr. Who…hmmm, well, it’s a little darker and more emotional than previous incarnations of the series. And they’re not afraid to explore what it actually means to BE the Doctor or to love the Doctor–everyone, ultimately,gets tossed aside. As he said to young Rose, the one sidekick he truly loved: “You can spend the rest of your life with me, but I can’t spend the rest of mine with you.” Ouch.

  6. fully concur with the prof that david tennant (current doctor) is second only to Tom Baker – but a lot of that is to do with my 1970s childhood and Tom Baker being a loon. 🙂 Current who does bare the soul of the timelord a lot – me and the children watch it together and shout loudly from the sofa. I have high hopes of teh newly cast tennant replacemnet – matt smith, virtually unknown here, but does seem to have bakeresque qualities – and when he takes over Stephen Moffat will take over the steer – he always writes well and seems to love the programme.

    winston, I’ll trade you – I promise to watch BSG if you watch DW. 🙂

    now, on with your obama- celebrations! 🙂

  7. Alright. You got a deal. It actually sounds interesting.
    Love you guys.

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