Miracle Over the Hudson River

I can’t imagine how it felt to be one of the people on this flight. It is amazing that it seems nobody died and that everyone has been rescued. The pictures of the rescue are straight out of a movie. And damn, but that pilot is one badass mother$#*%er***.

 ***And his name is Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger. I love the picture, but even more, I love the name of his company. How appropriate.  ‘Safety Reliability Methods, Inc,’ indeed.. Let’s hear it for Chesley. We could always use another hero here in Thunderdome, regardless of what Tina Turner says.

However, it appears the War on Birds is not going as well as we have been led to believe.

NPR has excellent coverage and eyewitness interviews.

5 Responses to “Miracle Over the Hudson River”

  1. It’s lucky for all of those people. That pilot has saved so many lives. It’s nice to hear some good news every once in awhile.

  2. Amen, my anonymous sibling of indeterminate gender, amen.

  3. Winston,

    Loathe as I am to inject politics into this, I cna’t help but notice that the President’s farewell, in which he attempted to convince Americans that he’s a hero, was overshadowed by the story of a real hero who offered no comment. As it should be.

    I sure hope that pilot’s gettin’ him some tonight–damned if he didn’t earn it.

  4. Prof-
    I actually understand what you mean. Earlier this evening Miss Mayweather and I were talking about something like that regarding this. The schizophrenic tendency to make connections of meaning between unconnected but still synchronious events is not limited to schizophrenics. The literary symbolism of a plane flying from New York making a safe landing on water where the passengers were then promptly rescued by boats on the same day as Bush giving his last public address (Marvel at the miracle metaphors of January 16, 2009.) is so heavy handed that one begins to think that the philosopher who said there was a significant chance we were living in an incredibly complex computer simulation may have been on to something. When one considers the images of Katrina, 9/11, and Bush declaring ‘Mission Accomplished’ in Iraq from an aircraft carrier he landed a fighter jet on, it is difficult not to read this event as some sort of omen. I think it is a very good one. I linked to the pilot’s bio above.

    Of course, I don’t believe in omens. I just like reading them. Like tarot cards and horoscopes.

    It’s fourteen degrees below zero. It’s a hobo-killing frost tonight. I hope everyone stays warm and finds shelter. I have found myself cozily snuggled up in a sudden five-day-weekend. And BSG comes back tonight.
    It’s like we’re having a holiday whether we like or not.

  5. Also a good reminder (often needed) of the generosity and courage of the human spirit that most of us have. Regular people helping others to safety, regular people dropping everything to answer the need for help…

    So much in the news right now to remind us of the worst in us, so it was wonderful to hear about the best in us.

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