The Best Teas of 2008


12-Mumbai Burning.I am reminded that it’s a small world after all.
11-Conservatives are Proud to be Stupid. Almost a year old, but aged well.
10-Sasa and Zamani.I am struck by the diversity of my readership.
9- People Shaped Animals. Sometimes I like a bitter brew.
8- Opus Magnum & Opus Minimae. In which the comments bring the final aesthetic experience to fruit..
7- 9/8/08 DAYS IN THE LIFE-In which an idle mention brings on an intense and interesting exchange.
6- You gotta make way for the homo superior. Kenny cracks me up.
5-‘ Meaningless, Meaningless’ says the teacher. I have to say, Michael of the Innocent Bystanders really is a nice guy. I should send him beer or something.
4- June 17th, with the posts Does Joseph Farah hate Jesus? and The Whit Monday Awareness League.
3- Boo Already and Fillup Munkee the Monkey Puppet. For several months my wallpaper has been a screenshot of the episode where Fillup is reading my review of his show.
2- Roger Ebert Googled Me.An unexpected compliment from someone I respect.
1- Epistle to Sunny.

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