Oh, btw, PUMA and other assorted maniacs…

LOOK!!!!! The Bible Obama’s getting sworn in on. And homophobe Rick Warren is giving the sermon. If you were one of the people who vehemently insisted to me that it would be a Qur’an and a Mullah, I hope you feel silly right now and would reconsider some of your other cherished beliefs. I realize this is unlikely, but seeing as how Texasdarlin’ has finally recognized herself to be an ignorant blogger who bloviates, I suppose anything is possible. Seriously, just read the weasel-word-laced ‘disclaimer’ on the right column of her site and be staggered by the leeway she allows herself to spread lies and misinformation. She banned me for pointing out that one of the Obama theories she was propagating originated on white supremacist websites. She said I was ‘race baiting’.

In related news, RNC Chairman Mike Duncan shows some class. I’ve noticed a big division forming on the right wing between the foaming maniacs and the people who are starting to see that their associates are foaming maniacs who have led them horribly astray. Hopefully it keeps them too busy to obstruct the next President from doing his job.

26 Responses to “Oh, btw, PUMA and other assorted maniacs…”

  1. I’m a reader/lurker at TD Blog, and saw your pingback. You seem cranky and angry….oh poor you, got “banned” from TD’s blog. She can allow whatever comments she wants, and I can only imagine the crap that she has to sort through when moderating comments. Some really nasty ones from pro-Obama blow-hards have slipped through.

    Oh poor you. Complaining about anonymous bloggers. boo hoo boo hoo. Go do something useful.

  2. Blue NY-
    Thank you for your useful comments.

  3. The problem isn’t that they ask questions, the problem is you don’t. How does it feel to elect a man who let’s his constituents freeze so he and wifey can by a big nice house, who had on his campaign individuals that don’t repair the fences around play grounds and that end up on top of three year olds. And trust me If obama won’t vote for a bill that offers life saving measures to infants that survive abortions, he doesn’t care about raising energy prices to necessarily change our behavior. I’ve never thought obama was a muslim, the only God in that Narcissists universe is himself, just that like the other Hussein in Iraq we knew and loved. I’m loving he’s screwing over Gays and Lesbians, I wonder whose next, women, black people. No matter how stupid you and your Koolaid drinking buddies are, the next four years will be anything but boring. Just remember Furious karma is a b*tch, my one wish is that obama takes just as good care of you as he did his constituents in Chicago. Hope you don’t have any special three year old that like riding their tricycles. Hey little Curtis if you are someone out in the universe lingering. Don’t worry Furious Buddah will get his letting one of the benefactors of your killers slide his behind into the oval office and when he does, even you will feel bad for him. Rest in peace little man, just know i didn’t vote for obama, cause i don’ t vote for blacks who screw other blacks for power and position. I was a democrat for a reason, because i was black and i gave a damn what happens to poor people who have no choice. Evidently this fool did not.

  4. kgirl-
    Clearly whatever Kool-Aid texasdarlin’ is serving you has extra paranoia and hate in it. I think it also has booze in it as you have the syntax of a ranting drunkard. The crazy threats give it that authenticity. Good luck with all that.

  5. who wants to take bets on how long it takes for Furious and Friends to start praying texas darling is right about obama not being eligible to be president. Remember everyone keep your bets very small. Obama is going to jack up taxes and train us by using high energy prices, so only bet what you can stand to live without in the near future. We also don’t know how much obama is going to be paying those of you have been laid off and will be digging ditches as public work projects. What ever it is I won’t be much, that for sure. remember only he and Michelle Antoinette can eat lobster, drink expensive champagne, and live in warm houses while some people have nothing. and do not think you will be allowed to use peat moss like they did back in the days when you would face death if you cut down the royal forest. It’s too stinky and will contribute to global warming and obama can not have that. Ooop i just forgot, you children will be able to help you out. Seems like Chicago Schools only give students a four hour school day. And since Obama brought one of his illinois home boys with him to run education, all your little brats will be available to get jobs after school or help you forage for wood to start a small fire to help cook your state issued porage. Many of you will be exposed to the wonder that is and always has been Welfare Cheese or maybe not…especially for the lactose intolerant. Too much pooting equals more green house gas, and that means obama will not be able to cool the earth and stop the rise of the ocean.

  6. i don’t drink anybody’s Koolaid. I’m not the one who voted for someone whose wife stated they could heal people’s souls. If that’s not a stop a way from Jonestown, i don’t know what is? I’m just asking the universe to deliver to you the same wonderful advantages that obama’s former constiuents in illinois had, you deserve no less than a crushed three year old.

  7. kgirl-
    You’re right. You’re clearly not drinking Kool-Aid.

  8. Yeah i’m drinking Kick your ass when obama sink our economy. Stay off Texas Darlins board, and i’ll stay off yours. I don’t play wth democrats who play republican games and then try to act smug.

  9. sc_truth_seeker Says:


    ‘kick your ass’. please go away. don’t you have a bible study, or a lynching, or maybe an Obama protest attended by ‘dozens’ to attend.

    we know, we know. we’ll be sorry when you’re right.

  10. a bible, or a lyinching as a black person i’m insulted that you take lynchings so lightly

  11. what you do you think lynchings are funny? Ohh yeah you do, like when one obama supporters hung Sarah Palin as a joke. but where mad when people did it to obama months earlier.

  12. Texasdarlin’ banned me for pointing out that she was propagating white supremacist propaganda on her website, so I really don’t need to be threatened to stay off her boards. You, however, are more than welcome to continue to comment in my Teahouse as much as you like. I find your voice to be refreshingly unique and our dialogue to be stimulating. I will insist that you must be polite to my other guests but encourage you to continue to vent your frustrations toward me. I suspect that it is as cathartic for you as it aesthetically pleasing for me. It’s also in the spirit of Ujima, the third day of Kwanzaa, when we make our brothers and sisters problems our own and work to solve them together.

    Oh, you may want to take a break from Texasdarlin’ and read a newspaper; the economy is already sunk. For Obama to sink it from where it is now would involve taking us back to the Bronze Age.

  13. sc truth seeker-
    That goes for you as well. You are not the bouncer for my Teahouse. I will deal with the drunks. I have experience and I enjoy it.

  14. oh yeah and whats wrong with the bible. It has about a much crediable historical facts as Dreams from my father. however Jesus fed 5000 men plus there women and children, but obama let’s his half brother live in a shack. David and Jonathan were friend from boyhood to a very rocky adulthood, obama won’t return his best friend who taught him everything about being black phone calls. Jesus tell JOhn to look out for his mother while he’s dying on the Cross, a self aborbed obama throws his anything but typical white grandmother under a bus to justify him sitting in Wrights church for 20 years. Just so you know, considerin my parents couldn’t drink out of the same fountains as whites at the time obama was was having his snotty little nosed whiped by this very atypical woman, the typical thing would have been to throw stanley ann and her kid on the street permently, but she sends works hard to send him to private school. The fundementally most important woman in his life is reduced to a meer ploy to excuse the unexcusable.

  15. Buddah a broken Clock is right twice a day. And like knows like. And when you elect a man whose friends include a racist pastor, a terrorist who thinks planting bombs in homes where children are sleeping is just a little vadilism, and two anti semites jesse jackson and farrrakahn, you have no right to Judge Texas Darling for using andy martin’s work. Michael Moor lies on a continue and regular basis but liberals love him, infact I use to as well until if ound out he had a little problem with the something call the truth.

    No Defense Layer want’s a thief on his jury if his client is a thief, why? because a thief is much quicker to vote his client guilty than someone who does not steal. Andy Martin is proably just mad cause obama and friends wouldn’t let him play in their reigndeer games.”Cut me in or Cut it out. ” is chicago’s political motto.

  16. kgirl-
    That was awesome. Thank you. And to think truth seeker wanted you to leave…

    And there is nothing wrong with the Bible at all. I mean that most sincerely.

  17. kgirl-
    I won’t waste the time of the regular readers of this site with getting into arguments about factual matters, but rest assured that almost everything you have stated is simply wrong. I would agree that if the facts you are asserting were true then, yes, Obama would be a terrible, terrible person. But they’re not. And it’s a very simple thing to verify that they’re not. You have been lied to by people who want you to be ignorant. Educate yourself.

  18. I am a chrisitian, how every I will admit 2 thngs number one. I realize that relgion is irrational, and two that doctrine should be used to apply to self not others. So have the intelligence to compartmentalize my religious faith, and only use the bible as a study in human behavior when dealing with the real world. Im personally conservative, but very socally liberal. On a social level the bible has been used to inflict pain on people, it was used to justify slavory, and Europeans stealing and exploited cultures that they deamed savages.

  19. A book cannot be blamed for how it is read.

  20. How do you know? Or are you operating on how you feel. I know i don’t believe a damn thingthe media tells me. I know that for the last 8 years if I want to know what was really happening in this country i had to watch news from over seas. And unlike you, i remember that people in the media covered for bush for quite sometime, before they figured out they hated him.

    Answer me ths question oh great one. Why did Michelle Obama give up her ability to practice illinos under court order? You can’t say it was because she wanted to be full time mommy . Michelle Obama her self said that she was told her grades weren’t good enough. And since i’m black and i have a vagina, I can tell you, that none of us would ever let our license expire no matter what. I went to school with a high school English Teacher with a doctorit in education, and she demade to be called Dr Davis not Mrs Davis or her head would explode. My father is a nurse and has been retired for over ten years but his Nursing license is up to date. And michelle obama is too impressed with her self, she wouldn’t give her degree up unless she was forced to.

    You guys must have loved the bush years. Seems like you like being exploited and lied to . I on the other hand learned something, trust no one, ask questions. If more people had done just that, over 5000 US soldiers would not be in their graves. Executives Orders by Tom Clancy could have told anyone exactly why Usurping Sadaam was wrong. And should he be killed Iraq pejople would act in the same means they did, even to the point of Iran’s Muslim Fanatics stepping in to join the hate fest. The problem with people in the country oon both sides of the ailes is that you absolutely refuse to be held accountable for you own actions. that war is more our fault than Bush and his friends, and now democrats are doing the samething. By the time you realize how gulliable you are it will be too late. Oh you can connect the dots, but you refuse to see the picture. one of the greatest examples of this is you slamming of Sarah Palin, as having no experience and your “heart beat away from the presidency BS. YOur candidate had just as little experience and was just as if not more clueless that she was and you put him at the top of the ticket. And normally I would not care, but with the state our country in the world is in, your dumb decisions and poor judgment effects me. We have a multi trillion dollar deficit, one so deep we barrowed money from a communst country and, who do you pick the man that wants to spending money we do not have.

    periodically i hold my opinion of obama up to a mirror, to make sure my judgment is sound and not influenced by other people while i am sure that you lack the ability to do the same. NO matter what blog i read, I always take my own drinks and never leave them un attended.

  21. Lol, people who want me to be ignorant. Yawn. My dear there is no knowledge of a subject or beliefs that I aquired in my adult hood that I have not educated myself on the pros and the cons of a subject. this is where my religious up bring comes in handy. I grew up ina church, that demanded people A. study the bible for themselves and B. when a pastor preaches a sermon he must back himself up with scripture or factual information. Suprisingly there were no pelvic thrusts and if he mistook Pearl Harbor day for the bombing of Hiroshima, and Nagasaki I would have told him so and recommend he read a history book for once in his life. I like a balanced view of the world So i know cow manuer when i step in it.

  22. kgirl-
    You are clearly operating on how you feel.

    sc truth seeker-
    Here’s your truth for the day.. ‘kgirl’ is most likely a right wing racist pretending to be a black woman. Here’s the clues:
    -Black people don’t constantly remind everyone they’re black.
    -Weird defensiveness about Sarah Palin.
    -attributing blame for the war on the Democrats and left wing, which is so through the looking glass it is beyond hilarious. The same thing goes for the assertion that the media ‘covered’ for Obama like Bush.
    -The awful misspellings, grammar and generally poor English. I find that when racists are trying to pretend they’re black people they go overboard on the typos and whatnot.
    There is a small chance that ‘kgirl’ is exactly what she presents herself to be, but if that is the case, then she is drinking deeply of the Kool-Aid being proffered by the propaganda machine of the far right because that is where these crazy ‘talking points’ originate.

  23. wow…I don’t think I have enough time in my day to spew all that ‘kgirl’ has on this one thread. I guess she has lots of time on her hands. Oh by the way – white girl with a vagina. I was thinking that maybe self-identification or should I say self-generalization (?) was required to post in the tearoom. Kgirl seems to think its important or that it gives more credence to her “arguments”.

    Enjoy the Obama years – we worked hard and lost much to get here.

  24. As someone who assesses and cares for people with mental illness for a living and knows it’s not always pleasant to be around, I thank you for the patience and compassion* you are showing towards “kgirl1028.” Allowing him/her to vent here is hopefully allowing him/her a much-needed release from the torments of everyday life.

    *of course knowing what I know of you I expect nothing less. 🙂

  25. sauer kraut Says:

    This thread, especially the comments, continue to give me a warm fuzzy feeling whenever I come over.

    Did you notice that the NObama PUMA f***s have now joined up with PalinPAC?? Poor Hillary. Even she – a woman with no shame – must be feeling real embarrassed by the actions.

  26. Thank you so much.

    I find myself to be fascinated with the mindset of the PUMA’s-it’s a very peculiar brand of obstinate perversity.

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