boxing day in the life

Happy Boxing Day.(I started this on Friday)

I missed you guys. I just got reconnected to teh interwebs, at least for a bit. I’ve got a kajillion emails and I haven’t even listened to the news all day. I went upstairs to have chilli with the Mayweathers and Tin Hat Pat where we watched Gary Vaynerchuk’s wine blogcast followed by some of the special features from the Lost Season 4 bonus discs. The deleted scenes were interesting, but the bit where they put the ‘flash forward’ scenes edited together chronologically was excellent.

Christmas with the family was particularly nice this year. My eighteen month old godson gave me an unexpected gift; on both Christmas Eve and Christmas the moment I walked in the room he lit up and charged to me. The way he insisted that I hold him was totally awesome. On the other hand, I’ve been spending time at the hospice with my aunt this week which has helped to keep everything in perspective.

This is why people who fail to grasp irony shouldn’t try to be funny. When the nitwit Republican who put those ‘satirical’ songs together called the collection ‘We Hate the USA’ he obviously did not realize that he was actually articulating what was in his own bitter little heart. Racism is unpatriotic. Mocking the ethnicity or faith of your fellow citizens is un-American. United we stand, divided we fall.

Some of my beloved conservative friends have been coping with the past few months rather gracefully. For example, after most everyone had left at Christmas I had a cup of coffee with my brother’s mother-in-law Laura, a conservative Christian from Texas, and our conversation was quite remarkable. I didn’t bring up politics; I never do and have believed that this is one of the reasons we have harmony at family gatherings (it’s true-my Aunt J made a crack about Bush and I refused to take the bait and said we would have no controversey at Christmas). Laura brought it up, and the things that came out of her mouth were quite remarkable.

It’s 60 degrees and there’s a thunderstorm going on. A few days ago it was four degrees below zero with a foot of snow. It’s like the outside is a reflection of inside my brain. I hope your holiday was good.

My unlimited love to y’all.

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