New World Man

Third World Guy
Thank you for your comment. If I came off as obnoxious in my last comment, I apologize. You see, I wrote that in the midst of a nicotine fit and may have been more snarky than usual. I certainly didn’t intend to patronizingly insult a resident of a city that just suffered such a tragic trauma. However, I watched the video again after reading what you have to say and I find that I still believe this incident is among the least relevant events related to the terrorist attacks on Mumbai. Still, I would like to point out that in the original post I don’t think I was doing much more than noticing something that happened and certainly intended no insult. Despite my being aware of all internet traditions it is still difficult for me to grasp where my patrons are actually sitting when they are in my teahouse.

Let me assure you that Westerners act like jackasses all the time for the most trivial of reasons, just like anyone can. Especially when there are cameras around. Cameras seem to amplify aggression and repress reason; perhaps the contraptions do steal the soul. Reporters have been hassled by mobs of bystanders in all kinds of situations; I thought this situation was extraordinary because the city was clearly in chaotic upheaval since there was a massive terrorist attack in progress and still she was trying to do a live report in it. All things considered, they were a very well-behaved and polite mob, especially if some of them were drunk! They didn’t hurt her but they disrupted a broadcast that was trying to inform the world of what was happening there to them. She even tried to engage the man to give him a chance to give his account but we all saw how that went.

That doesn’t mean that I think the citizens of Mumbai are bad people or anything like that. Human beings under stress respond in a variety of ways and as I noted, these people didn’t do anything terrible especially when compared to the atrocity unfolding around them. They were responding to something very terrible; Of course they would not be celebrating. But consider that stress cuts two ways; Snider chose that word poorly but it’s not like she was reading carefully edited copy in an air conditioned studio. I think that you’re reading too much into the coincidence of her saying that and the crowd sort of erupting around her; I can’t imagine that anyone around her could have even heard what she was saying above the chaotic noise because the microphone in front of her face is far more sensitive than a human ear. I think this is an example of how in chaotic situations chaotic things occur. I derive this statement from the ‘Ozzy Principle’ (‘when you’re stupid you do stupid things’). While I would agree that nobody in front of that camera is a human being at their absolute best, there certainly is nobody there who is a human being at their absolute worst.

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