one month and a day in the life

One month without cigarettes and I feel great. The nasty twitchies have subsided and my skin has stopped crawling. I have had an occasional craving but they pass quickly.

The past month has been intense but***

Sorry. Got interrupted. That was supposed to be the start of yesterdays post but I got distracted and never finished it. Just got home from work. We’re having a winter storm and I made it home in only two hours; the travel times on the expressways were outrageous.  

 Miss Mayweather made a potato and corn chowder today and invited Julia and I up this evening. I want to be perfectly clear here that when I write about Miss Mayweather’s cooking I am not talking about someone heating up a can of something. Of all the fictional tropes that constitute the actual life I am living, my magical upstairs neighbor Miss Mayweather (aka Nanny McAwesome and First Pope of the Order of St Bill Hicks) also is a magnificently inventive chef who feeds me ineffably delicious meals with generous frequency. I’ve eaten at world-class restaurants and none of them has ever served me a bowl of soup half as delicious as what I ate tonight.

We watched Keith Olbermann and when we were talking about the poetry of Bush ducking a shoe being the crowning news story of Bush’s presidency Miss Mayweather mentioned how much Bill Hicks would have appreciated the moment. I absolutely agreed with her and we reflected for a moment about St Bill; ten minutes later Olbermann said essentially the same thing. It was eerie. That’s why she’s the First Pope of the Order of Bill Hicks.

I’m very proud of Miss Mayweather; she quit smoking a week before I did and is my inspiration for my own kicking of the death-weed habit. She showed me this, and I thought it was way cool. Lily, beware of the sixth photo; it is the world’s largest spider and it looks like it has a handlebar moustache. Also, the shocking pink dragon millipede will probably freak you out pretty badly. It shoots cyanide. You might just want to avoid the whole thing. But if you’re someone interested in new species of life, follow that link.

One Response to “one month and a day in the life”

  1. Um…yea. I think I’ll just take your word for it and leave the link alone.

    How is that you are the one who most frequently makes me homesick?!?

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