Governor Hairbot Arrested!

The Feds have snagged Blago!

Since he hasn’t named a replacement for Obama’s seat among other things, this definitely has national implications. The arrest of Hairbot is good for Illinois and Democracy-I for one have had enough of incompetent criminals running my state.

****UPDATE****A commenter here was speculating about how this will effect Obama. Apparently the answer to that speculation is ‘not at all’.


“One person it most likely won’t affect is Obama himself, who appears to have been inadvertently cleared by Blagojevich. The Democrat was allegedly captured on a wiretap in multiple conversations in which he discussed an Obama advisor he believed the president-elect wanted appointed. But Blagojevich said he wasn’t willing to do that without some benefit for himself.

“I’ve got this thing and it’s f*cking golden, and, uh, uh, I’m just not giving it up for f*ckin’ nothing. I’m not gonna do it. And, and I can always use it. I can parachute me there,” Blagojevich said in one conversation, according to the complaint. Elsewhere, the complaint reads:

ROD BLAGOJEVICH said that the consultants (Advisor B and another consultant are believed to be on the call at that time) are telling him that he has to “suck it up” for two years and do nothing and give this “motherf*cker [the President-elect] his senator. F*ck him. For nothing? F*ck him.” ROD BLAGOJEVICH states that he will put “[Senate Candidate 4]” in the Senate “before I just give f*cking [Senate Candidate 1] a f*cking Senate seat and I don’t get anything.”

11 Responses to “Governor Hairbot Arrested!”

  1. One has to wonder if Obama will become involved in this. He was closely tied up with Resko as well. Wouldn’t that be hilarious? 😛

  2. Obama is only closely tied up with Resko in the same way that he was closely tied up with Bill Ayers, Osama bin Laden and Satan; which is to say it’s a relationship that primarily exists in the minds of right wing conspiracy theorists. I’ve read most of the complaint already an I don’t see anything that indicates Obama is involved.

  3. What will really be interesting is what Obama does with Patrick Fitzgerald. If he promotes him, he may look like he is rewarding Fitzgerald in order to silence him. If Obama fires or demotes Fitzgerald, it will look like a cover-up.
    Either way, the Wingnuts will have more fodder.

    Hopefully, if he is guilty, the governor will have the sense to plead out, resign and go away quietly. I don’t see that happening.

    Patrick Fitzgerald continues to rise in my estimation!

  4. Kenny-
    Yeah, Fitzgerald is a prosecutor of the highest caliber. I don’t know what Obama will do with him, but keeping him there seems like the best move to me.

    Having read the criminal complaint against him, I can confidently say that Hairbot doesn’t have any sense whatsoever. This circus has only just begun…

    I’m having a much better week, BTW…

  5. it has been coming for a long time. it’s about time they caught blagobitch. it is a great day for the people of the state of illinois. this man has completely ruined this state. he is the worst governor in the history of the WORLD! i hope he spends the rest of his life in prison! after reading the indictment, i wouldn’t be surprised if it don’t get amended with additional charges, like racketeering or other violations of the ricco act.

  6. miss andi Says:

    You knew it was going to happen, I just personally didn’t expect it while he was still in office. Thought he would have had the decency and some brains to wait, but greed got the best of him, as it does most politicians. Weren’t you wondering why Durbin was fighting so hard to get Ryan free? It wasnt for his health or for his wife’s pleas… it was to free the cell for Blogosonofabitch! If we all do remember though, he was wonderful though! We couldnt wait to elect him, He was So much better though than that loud, mouthy, whiny, upRYAN’sbutt Judy Barr Topinka…. Wasn’t he? We can always pick em in Illinois… and the pool is generally so rich to choose from. Thank God we finally have Obama…..

  7. I’m rooting for JJ Jr. and glad he wasn’t named by Gov. “Big Boy” (it’s the hair, sorry).
    Never underestimate the arrogance of a narcissist, they really think they’re better and smarter than everyone else so their blatant and reckless disregard for the law, decency, and common sense can be astounding!

  8. Current reports – hopefully misstated – are that JJ Jr. is “Candidate 5,” the one who offered a bribe for the Senate seat. See

    I guess JJ Jr. could get past his upbringing by Sr. 😦

  9. That should have been “I guess JJ Jr. couldn’t get past his upbringing by Sr. 😦

    I can’t type worth a damn today.

  10. Ugh.

    I mean, really…wow.

    I knew y’all had some slimy politicians in that state, but…wow.

    Of course, watching Gov. Hairbot in the weeks before all this, he seemed to be behaving like a bad 1970s mafioso stereotype. I was just waitin’ for the gold chains to appear.


  11. […] with hope that Obama would become entangled. (I found it interesting that a few days later he then shared his thoughts about the upbringing of Jesse Jackson Jr. It’s a good thing that conservatives never obsess […]

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