Saturdays in the Life, I think it was the 6th of December

Bettie Page in intensive care…
Mother of the year
. (Nah, not really. There’s way worse than her, but she does pretty much suck at being a mom…)
Sunny von Bulow dies… 28 years is a long time to be in a coma

I’m feeling better, overall. The nicotine tweak has faded to faint mental static and the urge is really just a memory. That I faced this morning’s stress without even thinking about cigarettes, that I didn’t even think about that until now, well, that’s a pretty good sign. Last night Julia and I had an evening free of bickering and angst. It was nice. It’s still snowing.

I also just noticed a spike in hits and the big search items that are finding me all seem to deal with ‘n****ermaina’ or the ‘kkk’. As the Scotsman said to his bride on their honeymoon, brace yourself!

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