I’m just ****ing spiffy.

Roger Ebert’s excellent essay regarding Ben Stein’s ‘Expelled’. This is a must-read. Ebert is at the top of his game as a writer and thinker and even if you couldn’t care less about ID or evolution, it’s a very enjoyable essay, and he responds to the comments of creationists. It’s all quite beautiful.

Kenny, I got your message. Thank you. Lunch won’t be an option for me for a few weeks, but it would certainly be nice to see you before Christmas. And I think the Prof is right-I’m suffering from nicotine withdrawal, which is agitating my existential angst. I’m not actually suffering indescribably so much as feeling tweaky as hell, and today seems better than yesterday. What I actually am yearning for most is not tobacco, but to be able to sit across from Lara for a few hours and just bask in conversational glow. Of course, talking with any of my friends would be wonderful, and of course she’s been gone barely a month and it’s not like we saw each other weekly or anything like that over the past couple of years, but… it’s hard to explain and sounds silly, but I can *feel* the distance between us very acutely. It’s sort of like how I can *feel* Dahlia across the sea or Lily in the desert. It’s all metaphysical nonsense, but what isn’t?

2 Responses to “I’m just ****ing spiffy.”

  1. it’s only a geographical/physical distance, not a mental one. šŸ™‚

  2. You got that right, baby.

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