White Monday

First real snow this morning. The commute was a mess. Nothing had really been plowed, at least not on the roads I drove (slid) on. The weekend was nice. I took my grandmother up to a small cemetery over the Wisconsin border where we scattered her sister’s ashes. The ashes were as warm in my hand as the air was cold on my skin. It would good to see my cousins, an interesting and eclectic group of people; a lawyer, a factory owner, and a former counter-terrorism agent who I can tell wants to tell his stories but is too honorable to do so even to his family members. It was nice to reconnect with them.

Stayed in and laid low for most of the weekend. I finished the painting I’m giving to my grandmother for Christmas (I’ll post a pic later), did some cleaning and watched most of HBO’s ‘True Blood’. I liked it very much but there were some aspects of it that were bothersome to me; the idea of vampires being ‘out’ to the world not being explored logically or consistently being one of them. Also, while vampires are creatures purely of metaphor, when ‘True Blood’ tries to make vampires a metaphor for immigrants, homosexuals, terrorists, and any number of other groups, it seems a bit forced and obvious. But it still has wit and is quite entertaining, and I definitely will watch the last episode of season one.

I think Hillary is darn good choice for SoS and apparently so does Rush Limbaugh, which is totally insane. Fourteen days without smoking today. Hooray for me. I feel good. I apologize for my lack of communication-you know who you are. I’ll talk to you soon.

My unlimited love to y’all…


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