Black Friday

I’m not going shopping today. I’m taking my Grandmother to her youngest sister’s memorial service. Auntie Iris passed earlier this month. After that I’m going to play with my nephews all day. Then I will paint. But I do not forsee buying anything tomorrow.

It’s not that I’m trying to sabotage the economy. I think it’s great that people are going to go shopping tomorrow. I’m just too broke to participate in this act of consumerist tradition. Also, there’s other things I want to do with my day. Besides, just this evening I passed on a bit of advice to my brother that I got from Sam, and that was that if you have any extra cash laying around, Ford shares were something pretty cheap last time I checked (and they’re going up from there already). So are a several other large companies. This is the buying opportunity of a lifetime. Think of this way; you were probably just going to blow that money on something stupid. While it’s possible things could really go south, I prefer to bet on the American Economy. It’s never been a good idea to bet against it in the long term and I don’t think that’s any different now. Think of it as patriotic gambling.

I’ve never been particularly anti-business other than I don’t think corporations should be able to get away with crimes people go to jail for. While this may put me in the ‘commie-socialist-bolshevik’ column to some of our more conservative brethren, I would like to point out that my commie socialist bolshevik friends think I’m in the ‘fascist socialist bullyboy’ column, so it’s kind of an ‘all-things-to-all-men’ deal. Or I’m just an argumentative ass. Take your pick. In any case, I actually have a kind of reasoning behind this.

Several years ago Lara hosted a party where I had a most interesting conversation with her father. He’s an imposing man intellectually and quite charismatic; he began talking about his work with organizing corporate entities to do good and I was taken by the idea. He challenged my notions of what the system has to be and how it has to be run; blind profit machines can be dangerous but coherent economic engines driven by enlightened self-interest could be beneficial to all. He planted a seed in my mind that has come to shape my views on matters economic and societal; radical reconstruction of an economy according to a specific ideology, political or otherwise, is certain to fail. The principles of economic trade have evolved for thousands and thousands of years; they are the rules of civilization; they allow humanity to have civilization; this is how fundamental they are. As our economies tie together, our civilizations tie together. It is not good for business to have plagues and wars or ignorance and poverty across the Earth. Pirates in Somalia demand the attention of Washington and get it. Terrorists attack the financial center of India and are able to preferably select their hostages by nationality. And then of course, there’s global warming. That could be very bad for business. Corporate entities can do a lot. They can mobilize large numbers of people and technology very efficiently. Of course, there’s Blackwater, but they’re some of the ones I think should go to jail.

I talked to Lara today, actually. It sounds like she’s acclimating to New England. I think it involves a series of maple syrup injections of something. It was great to talk to her. She was great company in traffic. It actually made my day. I was feeling kind of melancholy today. Julia is visiting her father and the place seems cold and empty without her. I shall make Emma lay on top of me to keep me warm tonight.

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  1. My condolences.

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