Mumbai Burning

Here in the US it’s Thanksgiving morning. In Mubai it’s chaos. As I write this the attack continues and it is still unclear as to who is attacking. In any case, it is clear that this was a well organized and executed operation by a committed and relatively sophisticated terrorists. Of course, there’s still a looming threat here as there is everywhere; the will to kill for ideology is a threat to all civilization, not merely the direct victims of the attack.

This CNN video shows journalism isn’t actually that glamorous. Sara Snider is as professional as anyone in that situation could hope to be.

Today I will gather with my family give thanks for many things and to ask God to save us all. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. My unlimited love to y’all.

6 Responses to “Mumbai Burning”

  1. You are the most stupidest person on earth to support Sara Snider. She is commenting on live tv that people around are celebrating, somebody from the crowd who cannot express it in english had to come up to tell her that they are not here to celebrate. Hopefully she got the message by the incident and next time she is sensitive enough to react around the environment.

    If i were there i would have definitely slapped her face hard enough to remember all her life. I would ban her visa to visit outside the US, if she cannot understand the culture and people, she should not travel to other countries.

  2. Sunitha, I’m not sure that Ms Sidner was referring to them currently being there to celebrate, or why they were in the area to begin with. She later mentioned smelling alcohol on their breath. Regardless, drinking and chanting so that the police have to push you away from crime scenes isn’t a part of “culture” as far as I’ve ever heard.
    I’m not aware that Winston was “supporting” her as much as he was commenting on professional journalism. Regardless, your name-calling and suggestion of physical violence reveal your deep feelings about the tragedy that occurred. My prayers are with the victims loved ones and everyone there affected by these vile acts of terrorism.

  3. Sunitha-
    You are correct in this; I am the Most Stupidest Person on Earth.

    I find your interpretation of the video interesting; as Lily said, you are obviously very emotionally affected by this terrible act. While it is true that Snider used the word ‘celebrate’ just before she was accosted, it is not clear that the mob was reacting to anything she said, though you are not the first person to come up with this interpretation of the event. How would the mob have known what she was saying? She was speaking into a microphone that was carrying her voice to Atlanta in the middle of cacophonious chaos. It really doesn’t seem likely to me that they were reacting to what she said but rather the bright lights of her camera crew. The man that was shouting at her simply seemed incoherent and unaware that he was on global television, and if he did understand her, then surely he might have been more understandable himself. I’ve listened and watched the video several times now and I think maybe he’s saying ‘why must we adapt?’ at some point, but I’m almost surely wrong about this. While her choice of the word ‘celebrate’ wasn’t the best, you would do well to note that there was a cheer going through the crowd and the man behind her was smiling and raising his hand in a wave the moment she uttered it.

    However, after all that has happened in Mumbai this past week, if what you are really angry about is what some reporter said off the cuff, then you are surely the Second Most Stupidest Person on Earth and you have to be informed by the only person stupider than you that this is the case. If you think that messages of cultural sensitivity need to be delivered by belligernent drunken mobs, please do not send me a message of cultural sensitivity. I think I’m sensitive enough. If you really think that the cure for ignorance is a good hard slap and banishment, then go slap yourself and go live in a cave. I really don’t need any competition for Most Stupidest Person on Earth, so please, educate yourself.
    Winston Delgado

    And Lily, you were right. I wasn’t ‘supporting’ anyone so much as noticing something.

  4. Third world guy Says:

    Copying my comment from another forum here.

    This is my interpretation on what happened. This is my neutral view (as neutral as I possibly can).

    First the facts:
    Following appears to be the thing the reporter was saying before the mob stepped in.
    “what you should have noticed is that there are people standing behind me.. and basically they are curious onlookers… they had .. the police had.. pushed all these people away from the area… they had evacuated this area.. there are here to celebrating..”

    The guy with a mustache who stepped in is trying to say “Why should we are here?”. He tries to call his friend (Ajay!) and asks him to explain to her “Why should we are here”. He also says something like “We are waiting for fire *#$#@)(“.

    The guy in pink shirt is saying “Yeh media ka people bol raha hai.. hamko kya kaam hai idhar”. Which literally means “The media people are saying ‘what work we have here'”.

    There is a woman’s voice (what appears to be a woman’s voice) heard in the video “Yeh! ham log pagal nahi hai”. Which in Hindi literally means “We are not mad”.

    My take:
    Police had pushed all the people who were around the hotel away to some corner. She obviously displeased having to report from center of a mob.

    The guys around were offended by two things she said. First that they were just “curious onlookers” and second that they were “celebrating”.

    In my opinion she’s at fault. It should be common sense not to speak ill of people standing in their midst. I believe not all of them were just onlookers (may be he was waiting for someone trapped inside the hotel). Even assuming they were just “curious onlookers”, it was stupid on her part to say they were “celebrating” standing in center of a mob with emotions running high.

    Also in my humble opinion the mustache guy is a gentle man trying to make her understand why he was (or they were) there near the hotel. He tries his best, in vein, with little English he knows. I guess he was trying to say “we are mumbai-kars and we have every right be here and know what goes on”.

  5. Third World Guy-
    Thank you for your comment. If I came off as obnoxious in my last comment, I apologize. You see, I wrote that in the midst of a nicotine fit and may have been more snarky than usual. I certainly didn’t intend to patronizingly insult a resident of a city that just suffered such a tragic trauma. However, I watched the video again after reading what you have to say and I find that I still believe this incident is among the least relevant events related to the terrorist attacks on Mumbai. Still, I would like to point out that in the original post I don’t think I was doing much more than noticing something that happened and certainly intended no insult. Despite my being aware of all internet traditions it is still difficult for me to grasp where my patrons are actually sitting when they are in my teahouse.

    Let me assure you that Westerners act like jackasses all the time for the most trivial of reasons, just like anyone can. Especially when there are cameras around. Cameras seem to amplify aggression and repress reason; perhaps the contraptions do steal the soul. Reporters have been hassled by mobs of bystanders in all kinds of situations; I thought this situation was extraordinary because the city was clearly in chaotic upheaval since there was a massive terrorist attack in progress and still she was trying to do a live report in it. All things considered, they were a very well-behaved and polite mob, especially if some of them were drunk! They didn’t hurt her but they disrupted a broadcast that was trying to inform the world of what was happening there to them. She even tried to engage the man to give him a chance to give his account but we all saw how that went.

    That doesn’t mean that I think the citizens of Mumbai are bad people or anything like that. Human beings under stress respond in a variety of ways and as I noted, these people didn’t do anything terrible especially when compared to the atrocity unfolding around them. They were responding to something very terrible; Of course they would not be celebrating. But consider that stress cuts two ways; Snider chose that word poorly but it’s not like she was reading carefully edited copy in an air conditioned studio. I think that you’re reading too much into the coincidence of her saying that and the crowd sort of erupting around her; I can’t imagine that anyone around her could have even heard what she was saying above the chaotic noise because the microphone in front of her face is far more sensitive than a human ear. I think this is an example of how in chaotic situations chaotic things occur. I derive this statement from the ‘Ozzy Principle’ (‘when you’re stupid you do stupid things’). While I would agree that nobody in front of that camera is a human being at their absolute best, there certainly is nobody there who is a human being at their absolute worst.

    -Winston Delgado

  6. Third world guy Says:

    […]I think that you’re reading too much into the coincidence of her saying that and the crowd sort of erupting around her; I can’t imagine that anyone around her could have even heard what she was saying above the chaotic noise because the microphone in front of her face is far more sensitive than a human ear[…]

    I do not think the guys were too far to hear what the reporter said. Infact the distance between the camara and reporter itself was couple of guys (if you would take that as a measurement).

    At least one guy heard what she said. You can hear him tell others what the “media person” was saying.

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