Star Wars IV.5: (pt ii)

Darth Sidious, First Emperor of the Galactic Empire, sat alone in his throne room, his eyes rolled back, mouth obscenely slack with ecstasy. He had focused his perceptions to the Yavin system in anticipation of the simultaneous mass death of the Rebels on the fourth moon. He had long ago mastered a Sith practice so unspeakable it had no name; he absorbed the Force essence released at the moment of death, replenishing himself and extending his own life far beyond any natural limit. The destruction of Alderaan, with its teeming life and billions of sentient inhabitants, had nearly overwhelmed him. He had not been prepared for the experience and so was not able absorb even a fraction of the released energies, but even so, it had been far beyond anything he had expected.

He drank the death that bloomed around Yavin but it did not satisfy him. He knew there were only a relatively few sentients on the moon but it had been lush with life; there were none of those energies here. Yet there had been a release of Force energies; there had been mass death. However, the minds that passed through his shared a strange uniformity and an unsettling familiarity. The Yavin moon was still there, he could feel it. But the Death Star was gone.

He had not forseen this development; this disturbed him most. How had Vader failed so utterly? He could not sense his apprentice; had he finally been killed? His hunger for the death cry of entire worlds was ravenous; he would begin construction of another battle station immediately, but that would take years. That would be most unfortunate. His purge of the Jedi had been too efficient; there were no Force sensitives on hand who could serve as his apprentice. He had hoped that the destruction of life worlds would provide him with the energies he needed to sustain himself so that he might at long last be rid of his twisted Jedi slave, but if he were to lose both his apprentice and his Death Star that would be a problem.

When Vader failed to defeat Kenobi and was left for dead on Mustaphar, his usefulness to Sidious was reduced as much as his body was. The Sith Master formed a circuit with his apprentice, and Vader’s mutilated body was a much poorer conduit now. Sidious never had known such power as when Vader first joined himself to his master, though the destruction of Alderann had provided him with a taste of something he had only dreamed possible.

But he might have lost both.

A rage nearly overtook him but was held at bay by long years of discipline. He would not waste his wrath upon an empty room. He percieved the small knot of high-ranking nothings quivering outside his chambers, their terror glowing brightly through meter thick durasteel to his mind; they would serve as an adequate audience for his Royal Displeasure. At his desire the doors to his chamber opened. His Red Guard smoothly filed into their silent formation followed by the undisciplined knot of his military commanders. They fixed their eyes on the floor before his throne and knelt.

‘Grand Moff Vellam, it is your honor to report on the Yavin situation.’ His Imperial voice was like honey on broken glass.

The terrified Grand Moff, now deeply regretting all his ambitions, stood without trembling and his voice managed to not shake with obvious terror. ‘My lord. We have lost all communication with the Death Star. The last telemetry indicated that the reactor core had developed a small instability. We have been attempting to re-establish communication for several minutes.’

Darth Sidious sneered at the trembling man and felt his fingertips tingle with the spark of the Force. He addressed the Grand Moff of the Bright Jewel Oversector as if he were a small child. ‘How unfortunate, Grand Moff Vellam…’

Vellam waited for hot death to flow over him but there was only silence. He dared to lift his eyes to see that his Emperor was staring into the distance behind him. He quickly returned his gaze to the floor and studied the pattern of the tiles. He could hear nothing but his heart pounding into his ears. Then the voice of the Emperor obliterated all else.

‘Deploy a ship as quickly as possible to the last known location of the Death Star and search for Lord Vader. Do not interfere with the Rebels under any circumstance until he is recovered. Go now and do not fail me, Grand Moff Vellam.’

‘Yes, my lord’, Vellam stammered as he backed away from the throne. ‘Immediately, my lord’.


6 Responses to “Star Wars IV.5: (pt ii)”

  1. i actually went ‘ooh! yay!’ under my breath when i saw the title of this blog. πŸ™‚

  2. I blush with something that is not quite shame. πŸ˜€
    I can promise anyone who is actually interested that this thing does have an actual conclusion that I am working towards… I might not finish it November, but I’ll get there.

  3. I *am* actually quite ashamed, but I’ll just keep that to myself in a an-girl-sith kind of way. πŸ™‚

  4. Squeeee!!! We’re having simultaneous transcontinental fanboy/girl shamegasms!
    Tres’ Awesome.

  5. Just don’t get sued.

  6. I only have a problem if I try to profit from it or something. This is FREE, FREE, FREE!!!!
    However, I have to admit that it would be kind of amazing to be sued by Lucas.

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