My Dinner With Daphne Merkin (a brief play)

Miss Mayweather in a memo to the residents of Port Awesome: I think I might have found Winston’s soulmate. And her name is Daphne Merkin.

My response:
Heh. The dinner conversation would be stellar:

(a short play in one act)
Me: Well, this is a nice restaurant.
DM: Don’t be condescending.
Me: I’m thinking about the lobster, what looks good to you?
DM: How predictably patriarchal of you. Just because you have a phallus you think you can demand to know what I’m thinking. I will not be oppressed!
Me: Did you know your name means ‘pubic wig’?
DM leaps across the table and decapitates me with a butter knife; she then holds my head aloft and begins singing ‘I am Woman’ over the blood sprinkler of my torso. Curtain.

One Response to “My Dinner With Daphne Merkin (a brief play)”

  1. Bwuaaaahhahahahahaha!

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