News of the Day

I want to know more but at the same time I don’t. In any case, it is morally absurd to charge an 8-year old child as an adult under any circumstance. The confession was obtained without advising the child of his rights or the presence of a parent, attorney or advocate of any kind. Just two cops with guns interrogating a traumatised child. Here’s an update. Apparently the father taught the boy how to shoot. I wonder if this had been a kid whose dad was named ‘Steve Johnson’ rather than ‘Vincent Romero’ if the cops would have treated him like a cold blooded murderer.

Then there’s this fevered ego run amok. Thankfully, there is no reason to even talk about her ever again. Her fifteen minutes have elapsed.

The invertabrate revolution begins. Residents of Port Awesome: be vigilant. Invertabrates have demonstrated complex behavior that raises fundamental questions about our notions of intelligence.  

I found the ideas of this essay a very interesting perspective on American history and the possibility of how funadamentally transformative the events of the past week could be.  

It is tragic that some of the most poorly constructed buildings across the world are schools. Update: Authorities have arrested the owner of the Haitan school that collapsed.

The future is now. This invention could change the lives of untold numbers of people. Yay science.

Obama is obviously immediately capitulating to the caliphate. It’s amazing how prescient all of those right wing critics have proven to be.

Earlier today Gargunza and I were talking and national novel writing month came up. With the election over I don’t feel like talking about current events and am feeling a giddy youthful glow; this evening at Miss Mayweather Mr Isabelle and I discussed getting seven or ten of us together for an actual game of D&D sometime after Christmas. Anyhow, I’ve decided I’m going to participate; since it’s a free and spontaneous exercise in writing I have chosen the genre of fan fiction. Stay tuned. And I’m using this entire post as literary foreshadowing just to make it interesting to me.

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