Yes We Can

What a day. Congratulations to everyone. According to a garbled message from Gargunza, it seems Aurora has also gotten a fine new opportunity in addition to Dahlia and President Elect Obama. The speech was amazing. Miss Mayweather wept. More later.

As usual, the Onion gets it right. Again.

My unlimited love to y’all.

5 Responses to “Yes We Can”

  1. hope you all have a lovely long sleep of the just and righteous! 🙂 i got up super early to watch the coverage over here – the queues to vote were amazing – put me in mind of the first south african election, purely for numbers and hours of wait and the coverage in the early hours of the morning from washington and chicago was peppered with partying crowd noise. 🙂

    Hope you’re all sufficiently buoyant and optimistic 🙂

  2. The nightmare is over and the rebuilding can begin. I am proud to be an American again.

  3. Lily - I Voted for Him! Says:

    G & I worked the polls yesterday for about 15 hours sraight. We had many, many NEW voters, one Gulf Vet (big, muscled African-American man voice cracking and eyes welling telling us this is why he fought for this country), one evil grandma, and a couple of amusing drunk people. We had the “provisional ballot” table and felt like we really helped people get their voices heard yesterday in a small but important way.
    We let our son stay up late to watch the speech from Grant Park and talking about what a historic moment we were a part of. I held in the tears until they showed Jesse Jackson with tears openly streaming down his face.
    After eight years of chanting “I didn’t vote for him,” I’m now PROUD to say I was a part of the Democratic process!!

  4. Aurora and I got choked up a little when Eugene Robinson was talking about having called his parents in North Carolina, and wishing that others could have lived long enough to see this.

    I feel very, very fortunate to be alive and American and here to witness this day.

  5. I too was thinking of those who didn’t live long enough to see this day. I was overjoyed for those of us who did. Now, the work begins. Yes we can!

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