Opus Magnum & opus minimae

Obama’s grandmother dies the day before the election. How metaphysically improbable is that? My sympathies to him and his family. What a strange mix of emotions that one must be feeling.

I have been a devoted fan of Berkeley Breathed’s work since I first saw ‘Bloom County’ in the newspaper around twenty five years ago. Two of my favorite shirts that I regularly wore when I was 14 or 15 were my ‘Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Bill n’ Opus’ and ‘Penguin Lust’ tees. Whenever I hear ‘I Am the Walrus’ and John Lennon sings the line elementary penguin singing hare krishna, this image pops into my mind:

elementary penguin singing hare krishna

elementary penguin singing hare krishna

That’s from one of the earliest appearance of Opus, maybe twenty three or four years ago. It’s a simple little strip that is hilarious and endearing. Mr. Breathed is retiring the character and although I understand his reasons, it still makes me a little sad. At least Opus got a proper ending rather than an abrupt cancellation. The last strip is here, and the last panel of the strip is here. If you are unfamiliar with the most recent version of the strip, browse through the archives and enjoy.

‘Bloom County’ was one of the reasons I started drawing cartoons myself. I doodled Opus and Bill the Cat (among others) endlessly in high school and it affected my style of illustration. I still make cartoons when I can, but it’s more difficult and time consuming than most people appreciate. Back when I was annoying PUMA’s I started putting together a strip featuring ‘myiq2xu’, one of the proud PUMA clownbloggers. He enjoys altering dissenting commentary. As it quickly became obvious that the PUMA’s were just a handful of irrelevant loudmouthed neurotics I lost interest with the strip and moved on to other things. But I’ve been getting a lot of traffic from the PUMA sites lately and figure that today is as fine a day as any to post these panels. That the modus operandi of the PUMAs is to delete dissent and argument, I believe it is fitting that I never wrote dialogue for these strips. Click on the image for full size and caption.

ARTCRIME INK: EPISODE 43:23341L/22Q (Furious Buddha and The Prof Meet The PUMA KLOWN)

In this panel, we see 'myiq2xu'. Miss Mayweather found this image disturbing. However, it looks very much like his own avatar so I'm not really engaging in character assassination here. If there were dialogue here I imagine it would be a vicious slander against Obama delivered in a leering lisp.

Myiq2xu pontificates about the evil of Barack Obama. Miss Mayweather thought this image was disturbing and I agree. However, it resembles myiq2xu's own avatar so it's not really character assassination.

Here he continues his deranged pontifications, most likely about the certain existence of a video of Michelle Obama using 'whitey' as a slur.

Here he continues his deranged pontifications, most likely about the certain existence of a video of Michelle Obama using 'whitey' as a racial slur.

I never did a drawing for the panel where Furious Buddha assaults myiq2xu with Sarcasticus. But as my comments were deleted, it’s more aesthetically pleasing for the reader to imagine the scene.

The aftermath of the attack. Myiq2xu makes a lame joke.

The aftermath of the attack. Myiq2xu makes a lame joke.

The Prof asks a question and Furious Buddha explains that myiq2xu is a mutant troll, a new breed that regenerates and is scary looking but ultimately harmless and pitiable.

The Prof asks a question and Furious Buddha explains that myiq2xu is a mutant troll, a new breed that regenerates and is scary looking but ultimately harmless and pitiable.

A lame joke referencing 'The Holy Grail' is made by myiq2xu..

A lame joke referencing Monty Python and the Holy Grail is made. Sorry I didn't really bother finishing this one.

The last panel would probably be Furious Buddha and the Prof walking away. In any case, I hope you enjoyed this lame non-cartoon.

6 Responses to “Opus Magnum & opus minimae”

  1. My middle child did better artwork when he was 7 years old.

    BTW – My favorite BC shirt was “Billy and the Boingers Bootleg”

    I have the entire collection of BB’s books

  2. Which just goes to show that you can enjoy something and not understand it. You may have been a Bloom County fan but Kurt Cobain wrote ‘In Bloom’ about fans like you. I hope you understand it’s not your politics per se that provoked my tepid dislike of you; I voted for Hillary in the primary. Of course, the behavior of the PUMA’s in the months since then has made me forever embarassed by that fact but that still is not enough to justify such disinterested mockery.
    It’s that you deleted as well as altered and misrepresented comments I made to your posts that fueled the gas of this small belch of disdainful scorn.
    It seems to me that if someone wishes to engage in political discourse in the public forum of the internet they should expect debate. Furthermore, if those people are whining about censorship it is bad form to ‘censor’ their own forums beyond obvious obscenity or hate-speech. Of course, PUMA’s have banned me for pointing out that the particular anti-Obama conspiracy theory they were pushing that day had originated on White Nationalist blogs, so there’s a certain irony to be found there. I know what my experience with you has been so I cannot trust anything you say or presume that you are being honest about anything. You say that you are an open-minded Democrat who simply opposes Obama for rational reasons but you spread the rumors of racists and censor me when I try to engage you in debate. I don’t know what you are, but I know you are no Meadowcrat.

    I couldn’t agree more that the art that adorns refridgerators is some of the finest in the world. My own godson’s drawings remind me of the cave paintings at Lascaux. My poor scrawls may be displeasing to your eye but that means they have achieved their purpose to a degree that few pieces of art ever do; they were intended to insult you personally and they have done that only hours after their publication. I could hope for nothing more and your confirmation of having seen them fills me with a sense of satisfaction that my doodles rarely convey to me. Thank you so much for the unexpected and superfluous gift; my birthday is tomorrow and all I have been asking for is people to vote for Senator Obama.
    Have a nice day tomorrow.
    Winston Delgado

  3. Happy Birthday (not happiest yet as there are many more to come) my dearest friend. I know that if you were here, you’d be joining us in manning the polls to make sure ALL votes count, and if we were there we’d be joining you in a wonderful celebration of hope. Sending my love and hugs across 2000 miles… missing you terribly but SO grateful that I’m part of your journey in life.
    (We’re trying to plan/budget) for a trip there next month…

    Please text any updates tomorrow… we’ll be at polls about 15 hours!! Aaah!

  4. L-
    Thank you! Dahlia got the swanky corridors of power job! She’s been going through this process for something like six months and she just got the news this morning. The air is crackling with crazy posssibility today. Good luck to you turning Arizona blue today-it’s a longshot, but this is a good day for longshots. Everybody cross your fingers for the skinny kid with the big ears!
    Much love,

  5. Sorry, but I don’t trust you here. I don’t like that approach. But it’s a good beginning off. Perhaps with many increased information I could truthfully have the ability to understand it much more?

  6. I wish I understood your question better so that I could more clearly explain myself.

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