long days in the life/i read the news today, oh boy

I just finished a long 7 days of work culminating with a twelve hour day today. I am tired. In catching up with my correspondence and the news of the day, I just discovered that Studs Terkel passed away. After my grandfather died, I gave my mother ‘Will the Circle Be Unbroken’, Studs’ beautiful meditation on death. My grief is not for him, but for us. One of the great lights of the past century has gone out; our world has dimmed. I felt great respect and fond affinity for this great man who was a regular passenger on my father’s bus. He was an astonishing writer and one of Chicago’s brightest sons; this recent essay he wrote is a fine way to remember him.

Last night I managed to attend Mr & Mrs Isabella’s ‘Zombiepocalypse’ party despite my hectic schedule. Though there were a few such as Mr Mayweather who refused to wear costumes, there were some notable exceptions. I was particularly fond of J’s ‘Starbuck’ costume, which, when he removed the wig, also served as an ‘Apollo’ costume. When he wore the wig askew, it became the ‘Andy Warhol serving on Battlestar Galactica’ costume. Miss Isabella was Hall and her friend Jessica was Oates. Miss Andie wore a terrific witch costume that was gloriously purple and sexy; it looked like something a costume designer would put together for Prince. That she made it herself was even more astonishing. She certainly won the prize last night. I had a set of vampire fangs that I were party favors from J & M’s wedding earlier this month.

During the day I was at a debate where Gargunza was judging. He rode home with me and one of the other judges, a lovely young woman named Natasha that I’ve known for years. We regaled her with tales of the old days. It’s startling to realize how much exposition it takes for someone to fully appreciate the significance of soiled towel.

Julia just informed me she’s coming by in a bit to spend the evening and my day off tomorrow with me. I’m too tired to be delighted. I was really looking forward to a day of not speaking to anyone except perhaps the cat. I don’t mind talking to the cat because she never asks any questions or makes demands beyond half a tin of wet food once a day. I’m not complaining but I really need one good night’s sleep before I face the week ahead and she always steals the blankets.

7 Responses to “long days in the life/i read the news today, oh boy”

  1. I sure hope you have pics! Sounds like a delightful party!! : )

    I hope Julia makes sure you get to Grant Park tomorrow and helps you have a WONDERFUL celebration to boot! ; )

  2. oh i have zombie pics of the boys –

    halloween was kind of fun. hope you all had a smashing time (and ‘good luck’ for tomorrow! *and* happy birthday I will mail you – I expect news about my job tomorrow/wednesday – it’s going to be a momentus day all round…)

  3. remember when we gave each other “the gift of time” for our respective birthdays? One of the best presents I ever got or gave.

  4. Those are fabulous pictures. M looks like a ‘Thin White Duke’-era David Bowie as a zombie! Halloween must always be a jolly holiday with you, Dahlia Black! I’m pulling in all my metaphysical markers for tomorrow and the news on your new job will be make it a trifecta of transformation! Thank you for the birthday wishes, but it will only be happy if you get the job and Obama wins the election (if the Dems win 60 seats in the senate, we’ll have the ‘trifecta’).
    Much love, darling.

  5. L
    How could I forget? One year long ago you slipped a tarot card into a book you gave me; it was ‘The World’. It meant everything to me then and I still cherish it. That gift was a profound inspiration in many ways. Thank you. It wouldn’t be my birthday without hearing from you. I miss you.
    How was the move? Have you dominated New England with your majestic presence yet? I figure they should name you Queen in short order.

  6. Vermont is amazing and rural. Our political candidates stand at the busy intersections and wave at drivers every day. Very odd to see your governor in an Elmer Fudd hat and North Face jacket. I am lonely…missing friends and family. But I get that I need to build a support system here. But I get wistful for our talks … getting to know people is sometimes a lot of work. LOL

    The move was good – uneventful. Now living out of one closet but I have the cats for unconditional support.

    Happy to you, love. Celebrate full out! I will be thinking of you often today!

    Love, me

  7. You-
    It would be refreshing to see our governor in an Elmer Fudd hat as it would cover up his disturbingly plastic hair. There’s a reason we call him Governor Hairbot.
    I miss you, too. I measure my wealth and success by the people in my life; your friendship makes me feel like a trillionaire. Vermont is lucky to have you and there’s a whole bunch of people around you who will soon find out exactly how fortunate they are to have you in their midst.
    Of course, it’s not like you’re on the Moon. You have plenty of reasons to visit Chicago, and the next time you’re back we’ll have a lovely long dinner somewhere and trade stories of our adventures.

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