Poem for now

I’m pulling out all the stops
kicking the throttle past eyebleeding
passing unphased photon cops
synchronicity highway speeding
carouselambra flies my way
squiddring over undertime
and improbable outcome
surfing edge causality
can leave one a casuality
if they go off of the way 

the aether is full of jittery anticipation
and whorls of purple indecision
that jams tarot reception
random digit generators
generate static numerators 
unlikely events beget
more unlikely events
and eight spins ago began
strings of uncertainty
unraveling inbetween 

approaching observation ecliptic
a moment most eccentric
where a slight erroneous movement
sends us beyond correction
orbiting nothing but destruction
I’m stoking the furnace with
wishes, prayers and hope, burning
charms, scrolls, talismans and dope
staying cool on the final approach
having faith beyond belief

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