Anger and Fear are not helpful.

When the mouthpieces for the right talk dangerous lunacy, the dangerous lunatics get inspired. While their plan would certainly have failed to succeed in the assassination of Senator Obama, the long killing spree they were working themselves up to committing could have been a tragic accomplishment within the reach of even these losers. After all, a gun is deadly even in the hands of a child; it only requires a lack of reason to achieve the ambition of the would-be murderer. The McCain campaign worker who manufactured the attack by the Six Foot Four Black Man was clearly not bright, either. Only days earlier a young Muslim woman who claimed to have been assaulted by a masked gunman who wrote anti-Muslim slurs on a wall was exposed as a hoaxer and charged with a felony. Whether the troubled young woman who claimed to have been attacked by a giant black man knew about this incident or not is irrelevant, but surely Drudge and a VP at Fox News should have been aware of it. Crying wolf inspires imitation and agitation. That’s why it’s a very bad idea to start doing it.

One Response to “Anger and Fear are not helpful.”

  1. what are some examples of fear and anger?

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