letter to a racist

Two months later and you’re still upset? I must’ve struck a nerve. Good. That means I have your attention. Read closely.

You are conflating issues and attributing viewpoints to me that I have never asserted. This is irrelevant as I have nothing to defend. You, on the other hand, seem quite defensive while being proudly offensive. You have barged into my teahouse preaching hate and shouting vulgarities; that you are proud of the feces you fling the way a juvenile delinquent swells when he scrawls an obscenity in a textbook doesn’t lend any credence to your intellectual pretensions. That you are so bothered by my speculations of your intimate inadequacies doesn’t say much for your potency. I don’t leave your comments up for your benefit; they are for my entertainment and the edification of my readership. You serve as a cautionary example for what we all can become if we allow ourselves to be consumed by our fear and anger. Sin wraps itself around our soul with barbed wire fear and hot tar hate. The angels that try to help pull it free seem like demons when they try to tear our sins from us.

I don’t hate you, Tom, and I don’t want to be your tormentor. I would like to be your liberator. It can be painful to let go of cherished beliefs, but I am pointing out to you that the beliefs you cherish so deeply are a handful of dogshit. You would be well served to drop them and wash yourself. You’ll feel better right away.

You say that nothing has changed one bit in 40 years. I am inviting you to take off your hood and look around. The world you live in is a very different place than it was 40 years ago; it changed while you were nurturing your hate and feeding your fears. God loves you, Tom, as God loves everyone. It is nothing for me to forgive your trespasses here because you caused no harm; none of my readers will find your words beguilingly seductive. I cannot forgive your hate or the distortions and lies you spread because those are not trespasses against me but against God and all His children; absolution for that is not mine to grant but yours to accept when you decide to.
Winston Delgado

2 Responses to “letter to a racist”

  1. niggerkiller Says:

    kill every nigger on earth including oshitstain and the world would slowly heal.

  2. Your rare eloquence
    gives sublime nuance and grace
    to your lofty thoughts

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