New Paintings & Days in the Life

Here’s some of my new paintings:


I’m up at the Mayweathers for Mad Men. Miss Mayweather made a delicious meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner. This afternoon I spent a few hours with my grandmother. Her sister (my great aunt Irene) died last week. Of nine siblings only two remain. We talked a lot. I’m blessed to have her in my life.
Before that I watched the Bears lose a heartbreaker with my Dad and brother. They had gone on a camping trip with Jake and left my godson Ryan with Mom and Dad for the weekend. I had stopped by there earlier to play with Ryan for a while. He took his first steps with me and Mom on Friday night. This morning I awoke from a particularly vivid strange dream that I spent the morning analyzing over coffee and Bach. It was actually quite obvious to me when I decided it was about Lara moving to Vermont.
Last night I dreamed of my ex-wife Persephone for the first time in a long time. In vivid dreams contradictory things can be true, impossible relationships form from subconscious connections, and metaphors metamorphose in the guise of shapes. From the static of REM I emerged into Wulf and Susan’s new home; beautifully full of nooks and treasures and views that shifted their spatial relationships according to where I looked. I was talking with Wulf and congratulating him. He told me he had something to say and looked over my shoulder. Persi was there and she was telling me that she was in love with Wulf and was going to stay here. I felt very worried about something and remembered an important fact from the world. I asked Wulf about his wife and daughter. Wulf said that nothing was changing there, and I understood this to be true as I saw Susan and Adelaide behind him as happy as can be. Wulf and Persi both assured me everyone was happy with the situation. Everything was tinged with golden dappled light and I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. I stepped into the backyard and flew out over the city and back into the static.
Yesterday I slept in and spent the afternoon cleaning the apartment and spending quality time with the cat. Around four I carpooled with the Mayweathers up to Wulf and Susan’s new house up in the North Shore. The former owner was a landscaper so their yard must be seen to be believed. It’s amazing. The house is filled with countless corners and secret rooms. The Isabelles came by and a lovely evening was had by all. I told Wulf in the backyard that I had imagined many outcomes for the Holmeses and that this particular suburban idyll never occured to me, but nonetheless it was perfect. As we stood in the backyard full of wildflowers and the sounds of children’s laughter he agreed with me.      

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