Joe Vogler vs. William Ayers

Joe Vogler was the founder of the Alaskan Independence Party. He had secured sponsorship from Iran to speak before the United Nations to denounce American tyranny and demand independence for Alaska shortly before his body was found wrapped in duct tape and a plastic sheet in a quarry. Allegedly a platic explosives sale had gone badly. Todd Palin was registered to vote as a member of the AIP. Earlier this year Governor Palin sent a videotaped greeting to the AIP convention.

William Ayers founded the Weather Underground in 1969. He turned himself in to authorities in 1980. The charges against him were dropped. By the 90’s Ayers was a professor of education at the University of Chicago. Barack Obama met him when they were serving on the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge Project, a non-profit founded by noted conservative William Annenberg to distribute funds in the Chicago Public School system. They also served on the Wood Fund together and Ayers hosted a ‘coffee’ for Obama, which, as anyone familiar with local politics knows, doesn’t exactly form a blood bond between two people.

Obviously, guilt-by-association is about the last tactic left in the bag of trick employed by the Right. It’s a dangerous card for them to throw out, however, as so many of their associates are dripping in slime. And it’s not like they’re courting the smart people vote, either.

2 Responses to “Joe Vogler vs. William Ayers”

  1. By the time I arrived in Fairbanks in 1995, Vogler was dead but the signs seeking help into his sudden and mysterious disappearance were still plastered-up through-out the Tanana Valley. While I knew what had happened to him (shot dead by a delusional “artist” looking to purchase explosives from Vogler) there was so much still to learn about who he was and why a Kansas farmboy turned attorney fled to the Territory of Alaska in 1943, ultimately becoming a gold mining and resource/land development legend through-out Alaska. I set out to answer the why but with any “larger-than-life” figure (even in a small state) my answer never came.

    I discovered a racist with delusions of grandeur, prone to paranoia, but uncommonly well-read and highly self-reliant. He was (and remains today) an enigma.

  2. Rebel Without a Sauce Says:


    Let the games begin!

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