Foresight is 2020: Dispatch From the Fall of 2008

Eight years ago I wrote ‘Hindsight is 20/20’, ending it with this; ‘Oh, and by the way, if you elect Bush, things are gonna suck. Your precious economy is gonna freeze up, foreign policy will be a disgrace, and our rights will be attacked.’ It’s October of 2008 today and I think I can say that I was sadly accurate on all three counts. It seems like an obvious observation now, but then it was casual hyperbole. The world has changed mightily in the past eight years and the future isn’t what it used to be.

These are the snapshots of the moment we are in now. I agree with this assessment of Sarah Palin completely. She is in a bigger bubble than Bush. Here’s some hilarious conservative humor on displayin the schools, putting to lie both the notions that the public education system is infested with solely with liberals and that racism has nothing to do with opposition to Obama. That story must be read to be believed. And here’s some more knee slappin’ conservative humor from a McCain campaign chair in Virginia. However, moves such as Palin’s ridiculous smear by association don’t seem to be working the way the McCain campaign intended. It’s a dangerous tactic, especially when McCain’s association with the Keating 5 is far deeper than Obama’s acquaintance to Ayers. A millionaire governor claims she’s looking out for ‘Joe Six-pack’ while standing next to the poorest member of the Senate, a congressional Joe who rides the train to work and has finances much more in tune with the middle class than most politicians. Of course, Michael Medved claims that Biden’s finances disqualify him from the Presidency. Here’s an earlier column of Medved’s that should put that one in perspective.

The global economy is beginning to feel the shocks of ours grinding to a halt. The geopolitical situation is more unstable than at any other point in my lifetime. Fundamentalism is raging. We are choosing the next President of the United States in less than a month. On my birthday.

I generally don’t like to make a big deal about my birthday. But this year I will have a fervent wish when I blow out the candles. And that is for a Democratic win in the Presidential Election. Sarah Palin is dangerously unsuited for being the head executive of this nation, and by choosing her as his running mate, John McCain has demonstrated his recklessness and complete lack of thought for his country and that his only concerns are partisan. Anyone who seriously believes Sarah Palin is capable of competently handling the office she has been nominated for is deluded by their own partisain illusions. If we elect John McCain in November, things are going to go from bad to worse. And that’s all you need to know.

One Response to “Foresight is 2020: Dispatch From the Fall of 2008”

  1. On your birthday G & I will be at the polls working! We requested one in lower socio-economic neighborhood – the ones that seem to be “missing” ballots or having problems every year. (not this year, not “ours”)

    I’ll be doing my little part to make your candle-blowing wish come true! : )

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