The September Flail

There has been a lot of speculation about what the Republican ‘October Surprise’ will be. There were persistent rumors that it will be some form of the Michelle Obama ‘Whitey’ video, but those were propaganda bombs designed to create the perception that the thing exists. If it existed there’d be no reason to wait until October to release it. In any case, it seems the McCain campaign is attempting to create a new political model: The September Flail. McCain’s statements and actions over the past ten days border on the deranged. Lying to David Letterman is not wise, especially when your lie is sure to be exposed on national television. He blew off Letterman to do an interview in a studio of the same broadcast company a few blocks away. He told Letterman he was going to Washington DC but spent his day in New York taping an interview in a different studio. It’s really hard to see how he can be taken seriously if he uses his ‘historic move’ as an excuse for not keeping his appointments.

Remember, we’re teetering on economic collapse.

2 Responses to “The September Flail”

  1. Rebel Without a Sauce Says:

    In all my years of looking at things meaningfully through a microscope, I’ve never been more worried about finances. :/

    I’ve been working on a few proofs to do my part for the crisis. So far all of my solutions revolve around trying to catch genies in Klein bottles, but at least it looks really cool.

  2. Rebel-
    The awesome thing about that plan is that you only need to catch one.

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