When Conservatives Get Desperate, They Get Weirder

How can anyone tell when Limbaugh is raving under the influence of narcotics or not? After endlessly repeating his unfunny ‘Halfrican American’ joke, Limbaugh is now torturing logic to claim Obama is ‘an Arab’. If Rush isn’t a racist and isn’t playing the race card, why is he obsessing about the racial origins of the man who sired Barack Obama?

One Response to “When Conservatives Get Desperate, They Get Weirder”

  1. Winston,

    He’s attempting to stoke the racism of his listeners, which, as far as I’m concerned, is actually worse than being openly racist oneself.

    Very soon now we’re going to see the racist ads that proclaim, “Barack Obama will make off with your white women.” It probably won’t come from the McCain campaign, which I suppose is a small good thing. But it will come from one or more of those 527 groups, and McCain will not hesitate to take advantage of them, as his recent actions have suggested an air of desperation and implosion. Particularly, watch the Southern swing states–Virginia, North Carolina–where the polls are really close.

    It’s gonna get real ugly in a couple of weeks.

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