Happy Birthday

Knowing you can sometimes be like living in a Cure song
wild mood swings and wishes for impossible things
leave me feeling like it’s closing time on fascination street
at high noon on a Tuesday; all swoop crash and spangle
over the moon and under the sun unfinished and unbegun
but it’s all good here in this moment where I dangle
admiring your new incarnation as you fly away
to begin another iteration of your transformation

Yesterday I got so old it made me want to cry
but as the time slipped by I saw how young
you were and it made me feel like a boy
and boys don’t cry, no, boys don’t cry
so I laughed about it while I cleared away the lies
and found a better promise underneath;
to be happy and finished with the in between days.
Happy birthday to you today,
Happy everything always.

One Response to “Happy Birthday”

  1. I am hilariously amused by the automatically generated ‘possibly’ related post link for this particular post. Be warned, it’s NSFW. I thought that wasn’t supposed to happen.
    Anyway. Lara, check this out . now you can play an incredibly addictive game inside an incredibly addictive game.

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