Never annoy a cartoonist.

I’m a very tolerant person. Truly, I am. When my friend who happened to be a conservative Catholic homosexual who paid men to have sex with him while he posed as straight to his family and workplace and who actively campaigned for Bush needed a place to stay for a few weeks while he worked out a ridiculous legal problem with his condo we took him in without reservation. When his stay extended into approximately a year it wasn’t a bother. He slept in our guest bedroom which was incredibly tiny. It was so tiny that when we moved in we realized that only a presence of a closet in the room prevented it from itself being called a closet. Therefore the room had earned the name ‘The closet with a closet’. Everyone was amused by the obvious irony in this becoming Fred’s room. It was when Fred pretended that his conservative politics gave him moral superiority over me that he actually started to annoy me. Some of the people who know me think that I am so tolerant as a way to be morally superior to them; they insist that my calm in a plot to piss them off. This annoys me. Other things that annoy me include being gossiped about, having words put in my mouth, and people making plans for me without my consent. I find this annoying. While people who delete comments that render their arguments and points moot are silly and childish, to actually lie about what the content of the comments are after deleting them is neurotic (This is presupposing that we’re not talking about obviously vulgar trolls). So, I’ve picked up my sketchbook and started doodling. I have come to be impressed by the power of doodles over weak minds. For example, these silly little toons had the recipient literally beg me to ‘Please, stop. Please.’ He had been harassing me with various sock puppet emails for years to remove these pages from my old site. After the second cartoon (which I have nicknamed ‘Nagasaki’) he has left me utterly alone for years. And of course, there’s the ‘innocent bystanders’ strip that I enjoyed making so much. Miss Mayweather was creeped out by my portrait of ‘myiq2xu’ so I might be on to something.

3 Responses to “Never annoy a cartoonist.”

  1. Winston,

    Fred is (or was) lost, and deserves our pity. I’m a little surprised you put up with him as long as you did, but then again, considering other people you’ve put up with, you’re obviously a far more patient person than I am. It’s probably not always a convenient characteristic, but it’s a good one.

    What shocks me about some of your former targets is that they’re perfectly willing to spew all their garbage at you or anyone else whose ideology doesn’t match theirs, yet they cry foul every time you’ve challenged them, and become hysterical when you mock them. In other words, they can dish it, but they can’t take it.

    Incidentally, when I described your agitation to one of Aurora’s friends, the woman illicitly fell in love with you.

  2. “In other words, they can dish it, but they can’t take it.”

    Pretty much describes the Republican mindset!
    (Sorry but just last night turned on CNN to hear Lou Dobbs whining about Palin being picked on, got nauseated and quickly turned the channel)

  3. Yeah, there’s nothing as shrill as a right winger who finds the tables turned. Julia is over tonight. More tomorrow!

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