The myth of racist Republicans…

Republicans getting the vote out… of the hands of people who have had their homes foreclosed.

More voters disenfranchised in another key battleground state of Ohio.

Oh, and what’s this in Virginia?

Sarah Palin doesn’t know what the Bush Doctrine is.

Does she have any idea of what she is talking about?

What What What?

That’s no Democrat calling her a ‘Cocky Whacko’.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but hooray for Ron Paul!

3 Responses to “9/12”

  1. I saw the interview on ABC and was stunned. I actually had to laugh. All she could do was spout campain sound bites. But what stunned me was that she was clearly afraid. Afraid of Charlie Gibson! He’s like someone’s kindly old Uncle! What is she going to do when she’s in the room with a hostile world leader! But the worst of all: she pronounces it “nuc you lur. Just like the president. If I have to go another 4 years with someone mispronouncing that word, I’ll pull my hair out!

  2. This was in the Trib’s comment section and it’s beautiful.

    “I Guess the difference between that hockey mom and a pitbull isn’t brain capacity”

  3. Lara and I talked about this tonight. I didn’t even bring up my Earth B theory. See, on Earth A, Vice President Hillary Clinton (she replaced Joe Lieberman in 2003 after he resigned over President Gore’s refusal to invade Iraq in the wake of 9/11) was just formally nominated as the Democratic candidate for President. John McCain just selected Mike Huckabee as his VP pick, a move popular with the Christian Right. Even though many hybrid vehicles are on the road gas prices of nearly 3$ a gallon and unemployment rates approaching 4.5% may give the GOP an opening. With the capture of Osama bin Laden in 2004 and the disarming of Iran and North Korea well under way, McCain has had a difficult time playing the national security card against Clinton.

    Meanwhile, here on Earth B…

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