pig and elephant DNA just won’t splice (slight return)

That’s the title of an old Loverboy song, if you were wondering.

I just got an email from a friend of mine about the manufactured outrage over Lipstickgate where he used the word ‘desperate’ to describe the McCain Campaign’s actions. I won’t even call it a ‘reaction’ because that would imply that Obama did something provocative by using a cliche’ that has sprung from every politician’s lips since the invention of lipstick. Before that they probably said ‘put a wig on a pig’ until some Whig wrote an angry pamphlet. 

Anyway, I invited him to comment here anytime the whim strikes him, and I hope that he does because he would be a welcome addition to the regular guests in the Teahouse. His own background and occupation is as diverse and interesting as the other regulars here, and thinking about this coupled with having freshly read Kenny’s excellent comment from earlier today caused me to reflect on how deeply appreciative and proud I am of my regulars. You are informative, instructive, and excel at keeping me honest. Most of the comment threads I read are unending spools of fury, desperation and ignorance. I like that when you have nothing to say, your lips are sealed and that if you say something once you don’t say it again. It makes your words precious to me. 

BTW-I told him that he can only comment if he uses the handle ‘angry wako’. It’s our private joke.  

PS-Had a great dinner with the family. I took a walk with Mom & Dad and their dog Casey around the big lake in the park by their house. It was sunset and the ducks and geese looked like they were posing for a Thomas Kincaid painting.

4 Responses to “pig and elephant DNA just won’t splice (slight return)”

  1. I can’t sleep so I was reading some of those other blogs you linked us to. The phrase ‘the blogosphere is an echo chamber of narcissism’ popped into my head. It seems these folks are only interested in hearing the sound of their own voices. Don’t these people have jobs? or lives? (I sometimes think the same about you, Winston, when I read some of your stuff. Then I remember, you have both.)

  2. thanks for the compliments. we love you too!

  3. good article thank you

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