Lipstick on an Elephant.

Since when did the big tough Republicans and PUMA’s go completely emo on us? This controversy manufactured by the suddenly sensitive is only worth mentioning to point out how insincere and desperate they have become. It does seem that McCain’s campaign manager was telling the truth when he said that this Presidential election is not about issues, at least from the way they’re going to run it. Which, from the looks of things, is going to be a lot like the way Student Council elections are held in middle school. It occured to me as I was spanking a clown that when Barack Obama was doing the community organizer work that Palin and the GOP derided him for, Palin was busy winning beauty contests and working as a sports reporter for a local tv station in Alaska. I suppose I see why they’re going with this strategy. The only hope they have is to stay away from anything more substantial than lipstick.

UPDATE: Clownboy is deleting my comments, again. I had made a particularly effective rebuttal that apparently he couldn’t deal with. Here is a post where he whines about having this exact same thing allegedly done to him. Of course, now that I’ve had a couple of encounters with ‘myiq2xu’ I have gotten a fairly fine read on exactly what kind of trollzombie he is. The kind that’s fun to let loose on with Sarcasticus. Please, ‘myiq2xu’, please, come to the Teahouse of the Furious Buddha and comment away. I double dog dare you. And I swear that I will not edit or delete any of your precious musings as I’m sure they will only provide a rare grist for me to brew something special with.

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