Days in the Headache

Gods below and above, do I have a headache. First of all, I missed my cup of coffee this morning, but I’ve had tea and a couple of Diet Cokes so nothing around me has suffered too terribly, but I distinctly didn’t feel a shine today. Of course, the hour I spent in the dentists’ chair didn’t help. Losing a filling over Labor Day weekend isn’t a good plan, but I did it anyway. At least I was lucky enough to get in today. I’ve lost the filling three times now and the doctor says the next step is a crown. I’m a bruxer, which means I grind my teeth. Yes, I know the frakking caffine doesn’t help, thank you in advance for your advice. But I can’t survive on compliments and herbal tea. At least the fragile humans around me can’t survive without my mainetence of a certain moderate caffine intake. And the bruxing is hereditary, anyway. Of course, the caffine addiction may be hereditary as well, but what isn’t?

My jaw hurts.  

I used to have migraines but they stopped about eight years ago, which is really crazy if you think about it.  I mean, I’ve never had a single migraine headache during the entire Bush Administration. Sure, I’ve been pissed off by a lot of things, aggravated into rage by others, and outraged beyond reason by more than a few things, but never once have I had a migraine. Come to think of it, the last time I ever had a migraine was the day before Dahlia stepped off the plane. The headache I’m having now isn’t remotely as bad as a migraine, but it’s bad enough to remind me of that pain and feel a little scared that I might ever have one again.

I’m going to eat dinner. Then I’ll get to the stuff I was chatting about with Dahlia in the comments.

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