The Machine Stops

What I am reading about are the stupid thoughtless comments people like Michael Moore made regarding the timing of the convention and Hurricane Gustav. Yes, it was stupid. Now, what about the police busting in on i-witness? They don’t even protest, they just videotape. Isn’t video surveillance supposed to make everyone safer? Doesn’t the FBI have anything better to do than to harass reporters? Is it just too difficult to infiltrate terrorist networks that our law enforcement feels it’s just better off infiltrating domestic American political organizations? Perhaps that way nobody will notice how bad they are at infiltrating the terrorists. The Machine wants us to stay in our cells and quibble over ephemera and nonsense. The Machine wants us to ignore what it is doing to us. Contact the office of St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman at 651-266-8510 to stop this house arrest, this gross intimidation by police officers, and the detention of media activists and reporters.

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